USA Judo

Referee Background Investigation Requirement

Effective 2008

USA Judo now requires that ALL National and international referees must have a clear background investigation in their files, recent within the past four years.  Failure to comply by March 15, 2009 will result in decertification (NOT inactive status) for National referees, and a note to the IJF that international referees are not in compliance with the IJF requirement that referees must be members of their federation, requesting decertification.  There is no need to repeat SSCI investigations done for another judo organization or for Coach Certification.  For the former, send your copy of the SSCI report to USA Judo.  The latter will be on file and verifiable through your membership page on this website.  If needed, download the form linked below, complete and mail to the address on the form, with a check as also described on the form.

With a passed screen you will receive a copy of the screen sent to you directly from SSCI.

Screens that are under review will be forwarded to the committee of USA Judo legal to review and you will be notified by the committee.

If you have any questions regarding this revision to the system, please contact the USA Judo National Office at 719.866.4730.

The form is available here.