USA Judo

2012 Referee Commission Seminar

Notes from the Second Annual USA Judo Referee Commission Seminar/Workshop

Phoenix, AZ - Jan. 20 - 22, 2012


2nd Annual Referee Commission - Phoenix, AZ

Seminar Participants - (L to R) - Front Row: Kei Narimatsu, Greg Moore, Mindy Buehman, Karl Tamai,

Karl Tamai, Janet  Johnson, Barb Shimizu, Miki Takemori, Sharon Landstreet, Julia VanHelder, Edson Mallo

Low Dong, Roy Englert Jr, Hector Estevez, Joon Chi  -- Back Row: Ralph Palmer, Roy Uemura, David Smith,

Charles Wall, Russ Scherer, Hank Choy, Mark Oermann, Dan Isreal, Gary Berliner, Mike Takata,

Walter VanHelder, Alain Wilkinson, Jeff Leforce, Ray Saito, Mark Yamanaka, Gary Takemoto

Moderator/Presenter Russ Scherer      RC Members - Chi, Englert, Estevez, Narimatsu, Scherer

Panel Members - G. Berliner, M. Oermann, R. Saito, B. Shimizu, M. Takata, G. Takemoto


Individual “Referee Development Plan” Sessions – discussions were held between individual referees and members of the USA Judo Referee Commission covering the goals, opportunities and development timeline for that specific referee.   (Continued on Sunday)

USA Judo Referee Commission Meeting     (Continued on Saturday night)   Click Here for Notes



Opening Remarks [RS]

Chief Referee Expectations, Standards, etc. [RS]  -   see file #1

Current Judo Rules Interpretations and Implementations [Panel and/or RC]  -   see file #1

Problem Areas at Recent Events Regarding Rule Implementations [RS]  -   see file #1

Preparing to Travel as a Referee [RS]  - see file #1

Special Situations - Standardization [RS and/or RC]  -   see file #2

2011 World Flashes - Video Review [led by KN and RE]



Review of Actions Taken During the Referee Commission Meeting [RS and Commission Members]

Special Situations Standardization [RS] - (continued)  -   see file #2

Open Discussion of Topics Related to Referee Development [led by KN]  -   see file #1