October 28, 2018 will be the ninth edition of the annual #WorldJudoDay. USA Judo clubs across the country will host a "Try Judo for Free" day at their dojo, in celebration of Jigoro Kano's birthday.

World Judo Day and USA Judo's National Try Judo for Free Day is a great opportunity for judo lovers to promote the sport in their community through activities such as demonstrations, inter-club training sessions, and ‘taster’ sessions.

There are no associated fees for participants on "Try Judo for Free" day. Plan to arrive in active wear and bring water. 

Listed below are clubs participating in Try Judo for Free Day – President’s Day. Find the event nearest you. 

Participating Clubs: Coming soon!





For Coaches and Clubs Only:


The "Try Judo for Free Day" promotional materials will be posted soon.


If you wish to register your club for Try Judo for Free, please contact Corinne Shigemoto at corinne.shigemoto@usajudo.us or 719-866-4730.

This is a great opportunity for clubs to promote the sport of judo in their community. The activity can be a part of your regularly scheduled class or a stand alone activity. We can also customize the timing of your event, if this weekend does not work for you.

Promotional giveaway items, participant certificate template and a flyer template will also be provided.