Would you like to start a Judo in Schools Program?

USA Judo uses its Judo in Schools Program to introduce the culture and sport of judo in an effort to holistically develop students and combat some of the growing trends and concerns among youth including: lack physical fitness, overall health decline, bullying, respect for self and others, peer engagement, excelling in studies and other issues that children face every day.

Recently the International Judo Federation graciously offered to donate tatami mats and gis for up to 15 U.S. Schools selected by USA Judo.

If you’re interested in starting a “Judo in Schools Program” in your community, please complete and submit an application and send it by October 11, 2019 to Austin.Leath@usajudo.us.


Each submission will be carefully reviewed by our National Office and applicants will be notified by November 1, 2019 as to whether or not they are selected. USA Judo will then work with the IJF to ship the tatamis and gis to the selected schools early in 2020 with the hope that programs can begin shortly after students’ return from Winter Break.

If you know of a “Judo in Schools” program taking place in a local school near you, we want to hear about it! By knowing where existing and new Judo in Schools Programs are, USA Judo will work to connect local and regionally based programs to share best practices, coordinate collaborative training opportunities and eventually schedule interscholastic competitions where geographically possible. Email any information to Austin.Leath@usajudo.us.