For several years, USA Judo has been promoting its "Try Judo for Free" initiative to USA Judo Clubs, especailly around Olympic Day (June 23) and World Judo Day (October 28). Due to the varying impacts of COVID-19, this year makes it hard for individuals to particpate at their local dojo, so we've created an opportunity for current USA Judo members of all ages to express to the general public why they do judo!

Click or tap the button below for a PDF with a short list of insturctions to create a 60-second or less video of why you do Judo. Upload your video to the link provided in this email with the correct video requirments (see below). If you particpate in this event by uploading a video, we will email each individual a 10% off code for our new online apparel store RTG as well as 10% off code from Hatashita Sports!


The link to upload your video is found here:

On Olympic Day on June 23rd, we will upload each individuals video to our USA Judo homepage where you can view your video as well as your fellow members!

If you have any questions, please email