Sensei Mickey Davenport: 7th Dan (Shichidan)  (1933 – 2019)

Sensei Davenport started Judo in 1946 in St Paul, Minnesota. At the age of 22 he started his first Judo club at the YMCA in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After the start of his coaching career Mickey went on to coach judo teams in San Diego, San Luis Obispo and Eureka. Sensei Davenport moved to Sacramento in 1960 and started the Capital City Judo Club. In 1962, he joined Jujitsu America from which he is a charter member and hold a 5th Degree Black Belt rank.

In 1989 Sensei Davenport and Dr. Robert Sims started the Vallejo Judo Club. Since that time, the Vallejo Judo Club has become the the oldest judo club in Vallejo, and the largest in Solano County, and has produced many international, national, state, regional and local champions. Sensei Mickey was highly involved in politics and community activism with the City of Vallejo.