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CEO Letter to USA Judo Members

May 14, 2020, 7:59 p.m. (ET)

Dear USA Judo Members,

I hope that you and your families are healthy and safe during these very uncertain and challenging times.

As we all work to figure out “the new normal” in living with COVID-19, USA Judo has been working hard to provide its members with information to get through this pandemic as follows:

  • USA Judo COVID-19 Page and information on the USA Judo Website
  • SBA Loan information from the American Judo Alliance Presidents
  • USA Judo Club Chats most Tuesdays for club owners and coaches to share best practices
  • Workout Wednesdays and other useful social media shares
  • Opportunities for clubs to earn revenue while their dojos are closed (discounted Kyu Ranks, Shaklee)

We will continue to work with medical experts and monitor re-opening best practices to provide the most up- to-date resources we can share to assist dojos in getting back to business and determine the safest way to organize events and large gatherings moving forward.

USA Judo is fully aware of the financial challenges that USA Judo Clubs are facing right now. We are feeling them as well. With dojos closed and events postponed or cancelled, combined with the loss of jobs and financial strain, there is not a strong impetus for people to continue/renew their membership at their local dojo, or with USA Judo. That being the case, very little revenue is coming in for USA Judo to continue normal operations. As a result, USA Judo has cut 25% of its staff and implemented an austerity budget. I would humbly ask that, if you have not been financially impacted by this pandemic, please consider renewing your memberships; first with your local dojo and second with USA Judo. Your support of these two parties would be greatly appreciated!

These are uncertain times requiring unprecedented measures. The USA Judo Family has been thrown for a wazaari, that’s for sure. People are hurting, anxious, scared, and losing patience. I encourage us all to “lean- in” to Judo’s Moral Code and serve as a positive and inspirational example for others. Make people wonder what it is about you that keeps you optimistic and wanting to help others during challenging times. It will be a great way to introduce them to Judo and invite them to the dojo once we all get through this.

If I’ve learned anything in my four years of serving as CEO of USA Judo, it’s that the American Judo Community is tough as nails, resilient and will stand up strong to this invisible opponent; ultimately throwing it into the basement! Stay safe, healthy and strong and I look forward to seeing you all as soon as it’s possible to do so!

Warm Regards,

Keith Bryant
Executive Director/CEO