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USA Judo Celebrates Olympic and Paralympic Day 2020 Virtually with 'Why do you do Judo?' Campaign

By Cecil Bleiker | June 23, 2020, 10:49 a.m. (ET)


To say that 2020 has unfolded to be a unique year would be an understatement, but that hasn’t deterred USA Judo or judoka around the world from celebrating Olympic and Paralympic Day. USA Judo found a way to celebrate the sport of judo virtually through the Why do you do Judo? campaign. A natural extension of USA Judo’s bi-annual tradition of promoting Try Judo for Free initiative, the Why do you do Judo? campaign connects USA Judoka virtually with those interested in learning more about the Olympic and Paralympic sport.

“As the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly impacted and limited the ability to physically participate in the great sport of judo in dojos around the USA and the globe we wanted to create an avenue to still share and showcase the most important aspects that can be learned through our sport via judo’s moral code,” said Keith Bryant, USA Judo Chief Executive Officer. “Friendship, respect, honor, courage, courtesy, honesty, modesty and self-control; the eight values of the judo moral code taught to every judoka from the first time they enter a dojo seem to be more important in our country today than ever. Who better to share the positivity of the sport of judo to those not familiar with the sport than USA Judo’s own members?”

For the campaign, USA Judo invited members to create a 60-second or less video explaining why they participate in judo. The goal has been to compile the video submissions of USA Judo members ages two to 102 to a central location on the USA Judo website (VIDEOS) that could be shared virtually around the world via social media. All individuals submitting a video received a discount code to purchase merchandise from USA Judo’s partners, Required Team Gear (https://usajudo.rtgstores.com/usa-judo) and Hatashita Sports (https://hatashitasports.com/).

“We are confident that sharing the message that participating in judo can help individuals develop positive personal character attributes as well as physical prowess can contribute to recruiting the next generation of USA Judoka. USA Judo’s member clubs and coaches are eager and able to welcome new judo players to their dojos as things open up around the country and we look to emerge stronger than ever from this historic pandemic,” Bryant added.