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Ki-itsu-sai Judo National Training Center Named 2019 National Team Champion

Feb. 06, 2020, 12:11 p.m. (ET)

After finishing 2019 as the top performing USA Judo registered club, the Ki-itsu-sai Judo National Training Center of Coconut Creek, FL opens 2020 focused on retaining its title. To be recognized as the top performing USA Judo Club, the club must finish the year with the highest combined ranking from all four USA Judo National Events. To earn the title a club must be well-rounded as the ranking takes into account all age and class levels of competition.


Ki-itsu-sai Judo National Training Center, owned and operated by Jhonny Prado, trains top athletes performing at virtually every level. In 2019, Ki-itsu-sai outdistanced all other clubs finishing each event as the top ranked club.


“We started in 1999 with our own kids,” said Prado.  "They’ve grown up now, but we’ve continued and kept growing and getting better. It’s something we train for and have a passion for. We train six days a week. We have a lot of support from the parents and from USA Judo which we are very thankful for. Our athletes and staff work hard every day and we are very proud to receive this recognition.”


The USA Judo National Team Champion flag will be awarded to the Ki-itsu-sai Judo National Training Center at the Youth National Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 28, 2020.


The top three ranked clubs from each 2019 event are listed below:


Youth National Championships; Colorado Springs, CO; March 8-10, 2019

Ki-itsu-sai Training Center

Chief Pride

USA Stars Foundation


Senior National Championships; Las Vegas, NV; June 1-2, 2019

Ki-Itsu-Sai Training Center

Wolf Judo

Tohkon Judo


Junior Olympic National Championships; Anaheim, CA; June 28-30, 2019

Ki-itsu-sai Training Center

San Gabriel

L.A. Judo Club


President’s Cup National Championships; Irving, TX; November 24, 2019

Ki-itsu-sai Training Center

Fort Worth Judo

Cohen Brothers Judo


Leading the Ki-itsu-sai team at the elite senior international level are 2016 U.S. Olympian and 2020 Olympic hopeful Angelica Delgado and fellow 2020 Olympic hopeful Adonis Diaz.  Amelia Fulgentes and Alex Turner, also on the senior world ranking list, call Ki-itsu-sai home as well.  The club also boasts several top athletes hoping to become the future USA Judo Olympians including Jacob More, Tasha Cancela, Nicholas Rodriguez, Dominic Rodriguez and Maia Waggoner.


Besides helping their top athletes qualify and prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games this summer in Tokyo, Japan, Ki-itsu-sai will also be focused on capturing the 2020 USA Judo Top Club award.  The four USA Judo national events in 2020 will include the following:


Youth National Championships; Salt Lake City, Utah; March 28-29, 2020

Senior National Championships; Daytona Beach, Fla.; May 16-17, 2020

Junior Olympic National Championships; Winston-Salem, N.C.; June 19-21, 2020

President’s Cup National Championships; Irving, Texas; November 22, 2020