USA Judo Coaches Pass IJF Coaches Certification

Nov. 04, 2019, 1:23 p.m. (ET)


This past week a group of USA Judo coaches headed to Santo Domingo to attend their Level 2 training of the International Judo Federation Coaches Academy. In total, there were 36 coaches from 11 countries present, with several former Olympians from other countries.

In the IJF Level 1 Coaches Training, coaches’ skills are tested on all the Judo throws, pins, chokes and arm bars. It was physically demanding – having to practice all the techniques but also having all the techniques done to you so someone else can learn.

The Level 2 Course taught instructors how to be a better coach – showing them how to teach the different techniques and how to create lesson plans. This course is also very demanding physically and mentally.

On the first day (Monday), coaches were tested on their comprehension of the 12-week online course they took prior to arriving in Santo Domingo. Those who passed went to a 3+ hour afternoon session to learn the progression of teaching throwing techniques (tachi waza).

The next day, the group worked on Katame No Kata (the mat kata) in the morning and tachi waza in the afternoon. The tachi waza training continued Wednesday morning, with kata in afternoon. Thursday was spent learning Newaza (mat techniques) progression in teaching and rehearsing tachi waza.

In the evening’s coaches worked on developing lesson plans for four throwing techniques of their choosing and developed three additional lesson plans: one pin, one choke, and one arm bar.

Testing began on Friday morning. The group was split in half, some doing katame no kata and the others doing tachi waza. The tachi waza group had to give the examiners four techniques - they picked one for each coach to perform the many parts of their lesson plan. In the afternoon the groups switched.

No time to celebrate on Friday night as coaches spent the evening polishing their newaza lesson plans. Saturday morning the coaches went in with their three lessons and the examiners picked one for them to perform.

All six USA Judo coaches passed! Congratulations to Greg Chow, Tracy Crawford, Brad Daniels, Rajesh Karmacharya, Jayson Oldfather and Tim Webb.

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Starting in January 2022 it will be required to have a Level 1 IJF Certification to coach at an IJF event.