Youth National Championships Recap and Results

March 14, 2019, 12:58 p.m. (ET)

The USA Judo Youth National Championships was well attended as USA Judo, Denver Judo, and OTC Judo Club hosted 687 registered youth athletes.


A tournament at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, gave many of the retired Olympians and athletes nostalgia, while also inspiring the new up-and-coming athletes.


Olympians in attendance were: Craig Agena (1984), Kevin Asano (1988), Pat Burris (1972, 1976), Nick Delpopolo (2012, 2016), Rhadi Ferguson (2004), Valerie Gotay (2008), Israel Hernandez (1992, 1996), Grace Jividen (1992), Brian Olson (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008), Lynn Roethke (1988, 1992) , Celita Schutz (1996, 2000, 2004), Travis Stevens (2008, 2012, 2016), Taylor Takata (2008), German Velazco (2000), Hilary Wolf-Sauba (1996, 2000), and Nicky Yonezuka (1980).


The 2019 Youth National Championships served as the qualifying tournament for the Junior Pan Am Team, Junior World Team, Cadet Pan Am Team, and Cadet World Team.


The following athletes qualified for the Junior Pan Am and Junior World Teams:


  • -48kg  Alexa Silao
  • -52kg  Noran Elmahroukey, TEO BJJ
  • -57kg  Mariah Holguin, Universal Judo
  • -63kg  Sara Golden, Cohen Brothers Judo Club
  • -70kg  Noelle Acosta
  • -78kg  Natalija Stanojevic, Menomonee Judo Club


  • -60kg  Jacob More, Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center
  • -66kg  Ricky Marin, Mojica Judo Club
  • -73kg  Sandro Chaladze, Fight Factory Gym
  • -81kg  Adrian Bernal, Texas A&M University Judo
  • -90kg  Jeff Stout, Sasaki Judo
  • -100kg Daniel Pavlov, Samir Judo
  • +100kg Eric Kalajyan, Valley Judo Institute


The following athletes qualified for the Cadet Pan Am and Cadet World Teams:


  • -40kg  Luchia Torro, Sawtelle Judo Dojo
  • -44kg  Anat Tsyrlin, Tech Judo
  • -48kg  Alexa Silao
  • -52kg  Marisol Torro, Sawtelle Judo Dojo
  • -57kg  Skylar Hattendorf, Pedro Judo Center
  • -63kg  Karlee Carrouth, USA Stars Foundation
  • -70kg  Noelle Acosta
  • +70kg Natalija Stanojevic, Menomonee Judo Club


  • -50kg  Tegan Yuasa, Budokan Judo Dojo
  • -55kg  Julian Crisostomo, Jason Morris Judo Center
  • -60kg  Dominic Rodriquez, Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center
  • -66kg  Dimitri Gamkrelidze, Fight Factory Gym
  • -73kg  Nick Yonezuka, Cranford JKC
  • -81kg  Alexander Knauf, Cohen Brothers Judo Club
  • -90kg  Alex Semenenko, Generation Judo Club
  • +90kg Andrew Williams, Wall 2 Wall Martial Arts


Team trophies were also presented to the top three teams with the most points at the Youth National Championships.


Winning Team:

  1. Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center, Head Coach: Jhonny Prado
  2. Chief Pride Judo, Head Coach: Danny Rodriquez
  3. USA Stars Foundation, Head Coach: Pat Burris


Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Youth National Championships such a great success. We are grateful for our event staff, volunteers, referees, members, coaches, parents and athletes.


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