USA Judo Board Election

Feb. 01, 2019, 4:11 p.m. (ET)

Late yesterday, USA Judo’s Board of Directors re-elected Mark Hill to continue as the organization’s President. The election was conducted by electronic ballot through an independent third-party administrator, Association Elections.  The two nominees on the ballot were Mr. Hill and Group A Director, Dr. Jim Webb.

Mr. Hill joined USA Judo’s board in 2015 as an independent director.  Since becoming USA Judo President in 2017, he has led the organization in creating a strategic plan focused on growing the sport, better promoting the sport and building infrastructure to better serve all members USA Judo.  As a result, USA Judo’s membership has grown nearly 11%, improved on-line certification member services have been developed and new programs like “Try Judo for Free” and “Judo in Schools” have helped introduce new participants to judo.  Mr. Hill also led USA Judo’s negotiations with the US Judo Association and US Judo Federation to create the American Judo Alliance Agreement which has led to greater collaborations between the three organizations in growing the sport of judo through coaching reciprocity, increased event participation and initiation of the first-ever American Judo Development Model.  Additionally, reciprocal participation agreements were created with Group A Members, American Judo & Jiujitsu Federation and the American Traditional JuJutsu Association.

“I am grateful to the board for re-electing me as President”, said Hill.  “I am honored to serve them, the USA Judo Membership and the American Judo Community at large.  WE (the USA Judo Board, committee volunteers, the USA Judo staff and the America Judo Alliance) have made great strides in the last two years working collaboratively in the spirit of 'mutual welfare and benefit', one of the core tenets of Jigoro Kano’s judo philosophy. While we have had some significant accomplishments, there is still much work to be done.  My intent as USA Judo’s re-elected President is to continue building upon the good we’ve done and improve in the areas that still need work such as funding, elite athlete support and international relations. I have always encouraged the membership to contact me with questions, concerns and ideas and hope that people will do so. I am accessible and open to feedback.  My contact information, along with the rest of the Board’s, is posted on the USA Judo Website:”

While Mr. Hill does have some judo experience from his youth and through college, his role as an independent director has brought extensive experience in corporate governance and senior management, including strategic development, product innovation and legal affairs.  He served as President of Turner Media Group, and has served on numerous boards, both for profit and non-profit.  While an executive at Tandy Corporation/RadioShack, he held numerous roles including:  Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Corporate Development and Strategy Officer and General Counsel.  He also served as President of RadioShack Canada and was on the board of RadioShack de Mexico.