USA Judo Heads to Pan Am Championships

April 19, 2019, 11:43 a.m. (ET)

The 2019 Pan American Championships will take place next weekend, April 24-27, in Lima, Peru.

Team USA and USA Judo will have strong representation in Lima as, USA Judo sends a full delegation, including the Senior Pan Am team and Kata Pan Am team.

Leading the group this year are top athletes, Angelica Delgado and Colton Brown, the team also includes five newcomers – Arthur Wright, Alaa El Idrissi, Nate Keeve, Mackenzie Williams, and Alaine Abuan.

Returning medalist include: Angelica Delgado, Colton Brown, Nina Cutro-Kelly, and L.A. Smith.

Cheer on Team USA and follow the competition here:


Schedule of Events:

Wednesday, April 24 – Draw and Kata

3:30 EST - Draw

4:00 EST – Kata Competition Begins


Thursday, April 25 – Senior Pan Am Competition 

-48kg Anne Suzuki

-52kg Angelica Delgado

-52kg Alaine Abuan

-57kg Amelia Fulgentes 

-66kg Alaa El Idrissi

10:30-2:00 EST - Preliminary Matches

4:00 EST - Bronze and Final Matches


Friday, April 26 – Senior Pan Am Competition 

-63kg Hannah Martin

-63kg Alisha Galles

-73kg Liam Wright

-73kg Alex Turner

-81kg Jack Hatton

-81kg Kyle Wright

10:30-2:00 EST - Preliminary Matches

4:00 EST - Bronze and Final Matches


Saturday, April 27 – Senior Pan Am Competition 

-78kg   Nefeli Papadakis

+78kg  Nina Cutro-Kelly

+78kg  Mackenzie Williams

-90kg  Colton Brown

-100kg  L.A. Smith

-100kg  Nate Keeve

+100kg Ajax Tadehara

10:30-2:00 EST - Preliminary Matches

4:00 EST - Bronze and Final Matches


The 2019 Pan American Championships is an important event for the USA Judo athletes leading into the 2019 Pan Am Games and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as it serves as a qualifier for both.


Below are the points awarded for placing at the Pan Am Championships:

Qualifying Points for Pan Am Games:
Gold: 500
Silver: 300
Bronze: 200
5th: 100
7th:  80
1 Fight Won: 12
Participation: 4


Qualifying Points for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games:
Gold: 700
Silver: 490
Bronze: 350
5th: 252
1/16th: 112
1/32nd: 84
1 Fight Won: 70
Participation: 6


All athletes competing at the 2019 Senior Pan American Championships also have the opportunity to earn the below performance incentive funding for Gold, Silver, Bronze or 5th place finishes:

Gold:      $1,000
Silver:     $750
Bronze:   $500
5th:         $250


Kata Pan Am Team:

The USA Judo Kata Team will compete at the Pan Am Championships on Wednesday, April 24th. 

Good luck to the kata team!






Gerardo Tello (Tori)

Sergio Suguieda (Uke)




Daniel Monsrud (Tori)

Andres Andreu (Uke)

Mary Wakabayashi (Tori)

Pamela Moye (Uke)

Diane Jackson (Tori)

Karl Tamai (Uke)

Lee Pasteris (Tori)

Frederick Dagdagan (Uke)



Pamela Moye (Tori)

Mary Wakabayashi (Uke)

Karl Tamai (Tori)

Diane Jackson (Uke)

Frederick Dagdagan (Tori)

Lee Pasteris (Uke)


Gerardo Tello (Tori)

Sergio Suguieda (Uke)


Lisa Capriotti (Tori)

Robert Gouthro (Uke)


Andres Andreu (Tori)

Daniel Monsrud (Uke)


Lisa Capriotti (Tori)

Robert Gouthro (Uke)