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USA Judo Regional Camp at Indiana Judo

Oct. 31, 2018, 1:29 p.m. (ET)


USA Judo, Indiana Judo, and Brian Olson (Four-time Judo Olympian and World Bronze Medalist) hosted a Regional Training Camp in Indiana last weekend in celebration of World Judo Day.

The goal for this event was to have 40 participants in total. But through diligent communication efforts by Indiana Judo, to their local community and surrounding states, the seminar hosted a total of 78 athletes! There were 25 Youth (5-17 years old) and 53 Adults not including the Elite Juniors that did another session on the mat.

“Indiana Judo would first like to thank USA Judo and Brian Olson for the opportunity of hosting this type of clinic here in Indiana,” said Mario Camacho, President of Indiana Judo. “The chance to learn techniques and insight from such an accomplished and talented judoka is invaluable to growing Judo, not only here but everywhere. Brian’s ability to not only tap into his long career but also his personal journey was incredible. Looking into my own daughters’ facial expressions I could tell she related to many things he said.”

“It was great to be able to train with so many different people on one mat. Sensei Olson was a good instructor,” explained JC Camacho, 2017 Cadet and Junior World Team Member. “It was easy to watch how he broke down his techniques so that we could understand. I also liked hearing about his Judo experience and what he had to go through as a Junior to a Senior player.”

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The seminar was broken into two sessions: Youth (5-17 years old) and Adult/Elite (Green Belt and above) and covered techniques used by Brian during his Judo career. Brian Olson took this time to concentrate on Newaza and Tachiwaza and focused the training based on the group’s skill level.

This is the fourth Regional Training Seminar USA Judo and Brian Olson have hosted this year. USA Judo’s objective is to host training seminars like this across the country, hitting each region and exposing young athletes, who are unable to attend the National Training Camps, to high-level techniques at their home dojo.

“Overall, the clinic went extremely well. We had very positive feedback from the participants,” said Mario Camacho. “They enjoyed the ability to train with Brian. He was the easiest person to talk to and made people feel at ease. I enjoyed his approach to teaching and learned techniques to help me with my own personal coaching. We can all go to YouTube and watch videos of our Judo heroes and mimic their moves. But, nothing helps more than feeling what makes that technique effective from a high-level judoka like Brian. This will definitely help our young and older judokas get to their own personal next level.”

If you’d like to host a USA Judo Regional Training Seminar, please contact Lauren Roersma, USA Judo High Performance Coordinator at