USA Judo Forms Alliance with Beautiful Fighter

Aug. 08, 2018, 11:56 a.m. (ET)

USA Judo announced today the partnership with Beautiful Fighter, an Illinois-based company, as the official skincare and cosmetics provider for USA Judo.

Beautiful Fighter is a complete line of skin care and cosmetics products that caters to every skin type. Believing everyone has the power to fight for what they believe in, Delilah Matos, Beautiful Fighter’s Founder, has packaged her vision into this impactful, empowering product line that delivers a difference for men, women and teens.

When we look at the word "Fighter" it can be related to in many ways, meaning different things. The Fighter® Brand was founded with those battling cancer in mind, however it truly extends to anyone who's fighting their own kind of fight, whether it be in competition on the mat, a personal battle, physical or mental illness, we all have a fight to face.

Bringing a beautiful fighting spirit to the front of combat sports, Matos and her team strongly support women in discovering, developing and sustaining their inner beautiful fighting confidence.

USA Judo members can now receive 20% off any item from the Beautiful Fighter store ( with the use of the code ‘USAJUDO’ or at USA Judo events where Beautiful Fighter products will be sold.

“USA Judo’s partnership with Beautiful Fighter is much more than a financial arrangement.  The core of the agreement is based on our shared interests to encourage women to build self-confidence through participating in judo and other combative sports while building and recognizing individuals’ beauty both inside and out,” said USA Judo CEO, Keith Bryant. “We look forward to building more female-oriented partnerships together in an effort to introduce the great sport of judo to more girls and women.”

Whether you are stepping on the mat to defeat your opponent, or you are battling out an illness, your fight requires you to fight your best, before, during, after and then Fight Beautifully For Life™.



Other Compassion Partners include: Safesport, USA Boxing, YWCA USA, WINGS, Living Well Cancer Resource Center, and Northwestern Medicine