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US Teams compete in the Kata World Championships

Oct. 09, 2017, 11:37 a.m. (ET)

US Teams compete in the Kata World Championships

The 2017 World Kata Championships followed World Veterans competition this week in Olbia, Sardinia, and four teams proudly represented USA Judo.  Kata competition includes five different events in which teams demonstrate techniques of judo and are judged based on how well they show key principles of each technique.

Preliminary qualifications took place on Friday with the introduction of two age divisions (under 35 and plus 35).  The competition kicked off in the morning with Bryce Oishi and Chase Oishi (California) competing in the younger Katame-no-Kata age category.  Katame-no-Kata includes five hold-downs, five chokes, and five arm bars in which Tori applies a technique and demonstrates control as Uke attempts to escape.


Later in the morning, Gerardo Tello and Sergio Suguieda (Florida) competed in Nage-no-Kata.  This kata is a demonstration of 15 throwing techniques, including hand techniques, hip throws, foot techniques, forward- and side-sacrifice throws. Each throw must be performed on both the right and left side.


Karl Tamai and Diane (Tamai) Jackson (Virginia/Maryland) competed in Ju-no-Kata.  This kata is a slower, more deliberate demonstration of 15 techniques incorporating attack, escape, defense and final control.


The final US team of the day was Lisa Capriotti and Rob Gouthro (South Carolina), competing in Kime-no-Kata.  Kime includes 20 techniques in which hand strikes, grabbing, kicks, and weapon attacks are defended with a combination of strikes, throws, chokes and arm bars.


This year’s world kata competition included a total of 87 pairs and a little less than half advanced to the finals on Saturday.  No US teams advanced to the finals this year, though Lisa Capriotti and Rob Gouthro came close in Kime.  The medal round was dominated by Japanese teams, who took four golds and one silver, with strong performances also seen by Italy, Germany, France, and Iran.  Full results for the preliminaries and finals will be posted as soon as they become available.

Results are now available. Click HERE for full results.