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USA Judo Partners with Discovery Toys

Oct. 04, 2017, 1:12 p.m. (ET)


USA Judo Partners with Discovery Toys

Develop your child’s body and mind through the newly established partnership between USA Judo and Discovery Toys.

“USA Judo is excited about our new partnership with Discovery Toys and grateful for their interest in helping USA Judo, while also developing youth cognitive and motor skills with their products”, said Keith Bryant, CEO of USA Judo.  “Partnerships are based on common values, so it’s great to have both organizations focused on holistic youth development.”

For over 35 years, Discovery Toys has been dedicated to helping children learn and grow through Pure Play. Discovery Toys specializes in premium quality, kid-powered learning products for newborns through school aged children as well as family games. Shop Discovery Toys year-round for gifts for newborns, birthday parties and those all-important Holidays (which are right around the corner!).

Partnership Details:

25% of all product sales purchased from will be donated to USA Judo.

“Having been involved with judo since the early 1970's, I am keenly aware of the costs involved in developing our judo athletes” said Jerry R. Salerno, CEO of Discovery Toys. “The opportunity to provide a platform where all members of the judo community can help support our athletes by having a significant portion of their purchases through Discovery Toys donated to USA Judo is a rewarding one. Discovery Toys' products have been helping to develop the foundations for the love of learning for 5 decades and are a great complement to the mind and body development that is achieved by practitioners of judo. Making a positive difference in the lives of children can never be underestimated.”

USA Judo members are now welcome to shop and share the link with anyone looking for learning toys and family games for the children in their lives.

“As a parent of two young boys, I can attest to the popularity and durability of Discovery Toys, having been a customer for years before this partnership.” - Keith Bryant.

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