Infantil Pan Amercian & South American Championships

Nov. 06, 2017, 4:50 p.m. (ET)

Team USA Judo had a strong showing this past weekend at the Pan American Championship in Lima, Peru!

Day #1: Twenty seven U13 athletes for team USA competed bringing home 2 gold, 3 silver, 8 bronze, and 4 fifth places. The organizers were touting record numbers for participation this year.

The medal winners listed as follows:

-34kg Aden Valencia - Gold
-34kg Monica Reyes - Gold
-28kg Alexander Galan - Silver
-31kg Teagan Salvador - Silver
+52kg Shavon Gonzalez - Silver
-38kg Christopher Velazco - Bronze
-47kg Omar Barak - Bronze
-47kg Aleksandar Khchirian - Bronze
-52kg Albert Foronda - Bronze
+52kg Porfirio Acevedo - Bronze
-34kg Nicole Cancela - Bronze
-42kg Viviana Fernandez - Bronze
-47kg Emily Jaspe - Bronze


DAY #2: Fifteen athletes (U15) competed, bringing home 3 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze. The overall standing for Team USA was second place behind Brazil after the final results were in completing the Pan Am championships! Notable standouts were Dominic Rodriguez (-58kg), and Natalia Stanojevic (+64kg) each taking the gold with strong judo and big IPPONS.

The medal winners listed as follows:

+64kg Natalija Stanojevic, Gold
-36kg Alex Tamai, Gold
-58kg Dominic Rodriguez, Gold
-36kg Maia Waggoner, Silver
-36kg Mathew Batta, Silver
-36kg Luchia Torro, Bronze
-48kg Benjamin Shvaetsman, Bronze


Day #3: Most of the athletes that competed on day one and two of the Pan Am tournament also competed in the one day South American Championships. The US continued its strong performance winning 5 gold, 4 silver, and 8 bronze medals! The medal winners:

Boys U-13

-34kg Aden Valencia, Gold
-28kg Alexander Galan, Silver
-38kg Christopher Velazco, Silver
-47kg Omar Barak, Bronze
-47kg Aleksandar Khchirian, Bronze
+52kg Porfirio Acevedo, Bronze

Girls U-13

-34kg Monica Reyes, Gold
-38kg Sara Ann Calinaya, Gold
+52kg Shivon Gonzalez, Silver
-34kg Nicole Cancela, Bronze
-42kg Viviana Fernandez, Bronze
-47kg Emily Jaspe, Bronze

Boys -15

-36 Mathew Bata, Gold
-36 Alex Tamai, Silver

Girls U15

-36kgLuchia Torro, Bronze

Go Team USA!





Images of the team from Lima, Peru