USA Judo Statement Regarding Senior National Championships Weekend

May 01, 2017, 8:56 p.m. (ET)

May 1, 2017

Dear USA Judo Members,

We would like to thank all the athletes, coaches, referees and volunteers who attended the 2017 USA Judo Senior National Championships.  What a great venue to celebrate the 50th anniversary and location of the only judo world championships to ever be held in the United States.  Our heartfelt thanks to our Utah hosts and everyone who attended.  Please click here for the competition results:

The weekend in Salt Lake City also featured the Night of Champions award dinner to honor 2016 Olympic medalists Kayla Harrison and Travis Stevens and 2016 Paralympic medalists Dartanyon Crockett and Christella Garcia.  Also honored was past USA Judo President, Lance Nading.  The event was well attended with 150 judo enthusiasts to honor some of the most beloved individuals in our sport.  Our thanks to our honorees and those in attendance.

For those who were present or have been following social media, both Kayla and Travis expressed deep  concerns and frustrations about the processes and some of their experiences with our sport.  While it was painful to hear parts of their messages, we appreciate their comments and are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where our talented athletes can develop and prosper.  We ask each of you to join us in being positive agents for change.  We can all improve and ask that you join us in our efforts to do so.

On a somewhat related note, most of you are aware that virtually all funding for USA Judo’s elite athletes is provided by the United States Olympic Committee based on mutually agreed upon annual high performance plans.  We wish we were in a position to provide support for more athletes as well as provide more financial support for those athletes we are able to assist.  Your board and executive director are committed to improving our overall operations, policies and procedures to give our athletes and the membership the best service and opportunities possible.

As always, we welcome your input.  We are proud of USA Judo Athletes and care for them both as athletes and as individuals.  We look forward to your support in joining with us to make USA Judo better and stronger.


Mark C Hill


Keith Bryant
Executive Director