USA Judo Strategic Planning Update

Dec. 13, 2017, 11:07 a.m. (ET)


Late this Summer, USA Judo President, Mark Hill, created a strategic planning commission consisting of board members Serge Bouyssou, Doug Kawasaki, Jim Webb and Mark.  Asked to lead the commission was volunteer and long-time judoka, Dave Johnson, who, in addition to being involved in the Seattle judo scene his entire life, has also held senior leadership positions for sponsor companies within the International Olympic Movement and currently serves as a marketing consultant for Chelsea FC of the Premier League and the Tour de France.

The commission has been meeting since September and instituted a research driven strategic planning process focused on transparency and encouraging member input through the following modalities:

  • A survey was created and distributed to the USA Judo Membership and posted on-line through USA Judo’s website and social media platforms resulting in 162 survey responses.


  • During President’s Cup Weekend, Mr. Johnson led a group of approximately 20 volunteer leaders, most of whom represented various USA Judo Committees, in a 1.5 hour SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) exercise.  A special thank you goes out to Ms. Kuniko Takeuchi, who made a day trip from Sacramento, CA, just to attend this session.


  • At the last USA Judo Board Meeting, Mr. Johnson also lead the board of directors in a full-day SWOT exercise.


  • Keith Bryant led a similar SWOT session with the USA Judo Staff.


Following several months of meetings and data collection, Mr. Johnson and USA Judo Leadership synthesized the results and feedback into the following three primary strategic themes:

  • Grow the sport of judo in the United States through athlete, coach and club development.


  • Improve and increase marketing, promotions, public relations and sponsorship strategies and efforts.


  • Grow and improve infrastructure using technology and other means to support the first two themes and provide new and enhanced resources to improve event experiences at all levels of USA Judo hosted and sanctioned competitions.


Over the next several months the USA Judo Staff and Board of Directors will be working together to build into these three themes objectives, strategic initiatives and key performance indicators focused initially on the next 1-3 years with additional planning over the next 10 years leading up to the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games which will be held in Los Angeles.

The USA Judo Strategic Planning Commission would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to this strategic planning process.  It was the commission’s intent to create a strategic plan that is representative of the USA Judo Constituency’s desires.  Additional updates will be announced as the strategic plan is finalized. If anyone has questions regarding the process and/or has additional input they would like to provide, please contact USA Judo’s CEO, Keith Bryant, at