Strength Sensei Grappling Clinic

Dec. 08, 2017, 5:10 p.m. (ET)

Strength Sensei Grappling & Conditioning Strength Clinic

Charles R. Poliquin facilitated a Grappling Strength and Conditioning Clinic last weekend (December 2-3, 2017) for USA Judo and USA Wrestling.

Grappling sports' coaches and strength coaches gathered from around the world to learn how to evaluate, design, and implement strength training programs for athletes from judo, wrestling and other grappling sports.

Pat Burris, USA Judo’s Coaches Education Committee Chair, attended the training.

“The Strength Training and Grappling Workshop was very well presented by Charles Poliquin. The materials covered were very technical and I learned a lot in just the two day workshop,” said Pat Burris. “The topics covered in this workshop would be very useful to all judo coaches and we hope to get Charles Poliquin to do a clinic for the USA Judo coaches in the near future.”

USA Judo athletes, Kevin Brousard, Matthew Koch and Amelia Fulgentes participated in the practical sessions and had the opportunity to train with a variety of strength coaches from around the world.

“As an athlete, you are always looking to find ways to out-train and be better prepared than your opponent,” said Kevin Brousard. “On the elite level, the difference between winning and losing is miniscule. Charles Poliquin and the NSCA coaches have a proven track record of making sure each athlete fully maximizes their potential through individualized training in a variety of sports. I appreciate the opportunity to work directly with them this past weekend.”

All funds received from the clinic were donated to USA Judo and USA Wrestling for athlete training and competition needs.

USA Judo thanks Charles R. Poliquin for his continued and generous support and The National Strength And Conditioning Association to allow the use of their facility.



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