Glenn Rusco - June Coach Of The Month

June 22, 2016, 9:44 a.m. (ET)


Glenn Rusco has run the Oak Lawn Park District Judo Club in suburban Chicago for the last 15 years. He took over the club from his Sensei, Mike DeVito who started the original club. Glenn started practicing judo 38 years ago with Sensei DeVito at another park district program in Palos Park, IL.  Glenn took the Oak Lawn club that was a Park District program and has turned it into a very competitive judo team in the area.

The club has a constant group that practices and competes year round, but being that it still is a park district program, they have plenty of residents signing up for a ten-week session to "try judo out." The club has a consistent membership of around 70 players and fluctuates seasonally. Their spring session had 104 students, including his daughters Lexi, Skyler and Taylor. Most recently Oak Lawn Park District Judo Club took 32 competitors to two local tournaments with the majority of the players winning in the medal rounds!

Glenn follows the teachings of Kodokan Judo. He is strict with the philosophies of respect, discipline, teaching, learning, fun and progressing through the ranks. Sensei Glenn continues to share his passion for judo with the club and the community by organizing demonstrations at area schools and town events. The club marches in Oak Lawn's Independence Day parade and gives demonstrations on the field at local minor league baseball team every summer. He is passionate about spreading the word of judo!

Many find interest in the sport and stay with the team because of Sensei Glenn and his team/family of Sensei's and coaches. Sensei Glenn Rusco was nominated by his Dojo for this award because they feel he deserves it for his years of hard work, commitment, love and passion for judo and The Oak Lawn Park District Judo Club. Glenn Rusco is truly honored to be nominated and recognized by his club and USA Judo!