First Coach of the Month For 2016

Feb. 25, 2016, 12:54 a.m. (ET)

Alan Honda

Alan Honda, 3 Dan, began practicing judo in 1976 under Hayward Nishioka Sensei at Los Angeles City College. A shodan in Shotokan karate as well, he took a break from judo, but reintroduced himself to it when he discovered South Bay Judo and signed up his oldest son. Becoming more and more involved in the club, he joined and obtained his ranks and has been committed as an instructor ever since.

Shortly thereafter, Alan earned his coaching certification in 2004, and has consistently educated himself in coaching techniques as well as teaching his students on how to train and compete. He believes strongly in having a good foundation in the basic judo skills, and broadening the variety of skills and techniques.

Alan spent years with his two boys, David and Myles Honda practicing and training at South Bay Judo under the auspices of Sensei Ed Shiosaki, 5dan for many years. During this time, he coached and traveled with his boys and many other South Bay Judokas. Currently, Alan continues to train and spend time with other future South Bay Judokas for competition. He has, at times, even assisted other clubs with coaching when the need arose.