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Kayla Harrison Attends World Olympians Forum in Moscow

Oct. 21, 2015, 6:29 p.m. (ET)

Kayla Harrison Among High Profile Athletes at
1st World Olympians Forum in Moscow

USA Judo’s Kayla Harrison is among the Olympic heavyweights present at the inaugural World Olympians Forum (WOF) taking place in the Russian Federation’s capital, Moscow. The event is scheduled to conclude on Thursday, October 22.

The World Olympians Association (WOA) has partnered with the Russian Olympic Committee to launch the WOF with the objective to celebrate Olympism and the achievements of Olympians worldwide. More than 280 people from over 100 countries will have taken part in the forum by its culmination.

The topics relevant to the WOA mission of Service to Olympians and Service to Society were debated and discussed through a range of platforms including keynote speeches, working seminars and networking sessions.

Kayla, as a Gold Olympic medalist for USA Judo, was among the high profile Olympians participating in the forum and is a perfect example for what defines this historic event and the mission of the WOA. She is a working athlete with a responsibility to society, a role model and an ambassador of the sports movement. Among the many distinguished figures from all over the world were International Olympic Committee President, Thomas Bach (Olympic Gold medalist) and Prince Albert II of Monaco (Five-time Olympian, IOC Member and WOA Patron).

Addressing the ceremony was Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, who highlighted the importance of the Olympic movement’s ideals in a world that faces constant challenges from violence and terrorism as well as the constant pressure of sports to not fall prey of political circumstances. Kayla had the opportunity to personally share a few discussion points with Mr. Putin in the matter - Recently Kayla also attended the International Olympic Committee athletes’ meeting representing the International Judo Federation.

“The World Olympians Association is actively involved in promoting sport and the constructive and positive values that go with it. You do this through your personal examples and the real achievements of outstanding athletes, many of whom dedicate their lives to public, state or political activity and become true ambassadors for peace.”
– Vladimir Putin