One More Reason for Thanksgiving; Another Goal Accomplished -- $100K For Medals !

Nov. 21, 2012, 10:43 a.m. (ET)
Yes, it took a little longer than we had hoped, but we have finally accomplished the goal announced by President, Lance Nading of raising the bar to provide our Olympic Athletes $100,000.00 from our organization and our members. This is over and above the $25K and $10K  that the United States Olympic Committee provided for the Gold and Bronze medals,  respectively.

Indeed, these funds not only set a new bench mark but it has become a part of the history making London Olympic Games performance by our athletes.

Kayla, Marti and Travis will receive their respective checks from USA Judo by November 28th.

Thank you to all of you who made this possible:

HISTORIC DONORS to the London Olympic Fund

*GOLD MEDAL* $5,000 and above
Andrew & Edie Connelly
School of Hard Knocks Judo
Spring, TX (1st. Donor)
Dr. James M. Lally
American Judo Fund
USA Judo

*SILVER MEDAL* $ 2,500 to $4,999

Board of Directors of USJA 
Ken & Debra Bellmard-USA Judo Board Member

*BRONZE MEDAL* $ 500 to $2,499

George Van Amson

Noboru Saito - USA Judo Board Member
Shawn Jhonson
Henry J. LeForce
Debora L. Fergus
Kevin Earls
Lance Nading - USA Judo President
Chicago Tenri Judo Dojo (Click Here for a complete list of club members who made a donation)
Patricia Nading-Amman
Chau Nguyen
School of Hard Knocks Judo Club (Click Here for a complete list of club members who made a donation)

*HONORABLE MENTION* $100 to $499

 Judo Affiliates of Michigan
D. Eric Spears
Kaoru Ishii
Michael Manning
Mark Graham
Henry AJ Hart
Yoshisada Yonezuka
Jack Williams, 7th DAN K.D.K
Brian Germain
Gabriel Zubiria
Boulder Judo Coaches
Barbara Houston 
Sandia Judo Club
Terry D. Fukuda 
    Michael M. Eldred 
   Robert S. Fukuda
Michael D. Williams
Edmund & Joan Fellmeth
David Christianson
Paul F. Skiff
Danny Skiff
Calvin J. Terada
Tracy M. Hangley
Ernest R. Smith
Dr. James Loeser, DDS MD
North Texas Judokai (Click Here for a complete list of club members who made a donation)
Peter V. Catlos
Konan Judo Association
James Murray
Steven DeRaedt


Malcom Medcalf
Wesley Runyon
Tracy T Takemoto
 Kevin Ruppert
Jennifer Brooks
Susan Oles
Carla Martin
Mark Dillingham
Maggie Weeks
Wayne J. Dickinson
Joseph Acevedo
Peter Contardo
Timothy H Peter
Katrin Baum