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Djamaldin Aliev Advances to Third Round at World Championships

Sept. 08, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

It's been a whirlwind 10 days for World Team member Djamaldin Aliev (Centennial, Colo./100kg) Just last week the Metropolitan State College of Denver senior got news that he was being named to the Team USA and would compete today in the biggest competition of his life - the World Judo Championships in Cairo, Egypt.

Aliev was up for the challenge and left just days after he was named to the team, arriving with his teammates in Egypt last Saturday.

Today the 2005 National Collegiate bronze medalist had his chance to test his skills against the best in the world and came out with Team USA's lone win of the day against Mohamed Ayad (QAT) in the second round following a bye in the first. Aliev scored a koka (smallest points) with a footsweep before pinning Ayad for Ippon (instant win). Aliev then advanced to the third round where he lost to European Champion Elco Van Der Geest (NED) on four penalties for stalling and stepping out of bounds. Van Der Geest then lost to Yury Rybak (BLR), eliminating Aliev.

"Djamal put out a great effort today, having being named to the team at the last hour," said Head Coach Eddie Liddie (Colorado Springs , Colo.) "He didn't get to train as he would have liked for an event of this caliber, but he showed that he has the potential to do well internationally."

Aliev will receive a $250 award for his win from Buck Wessell (Boulder , Colo.) and Ingersoll Products through an athlete incentive program announced yesterday in which Wessell and Ingersoll will provide $250 per match won by any Colorado athlete at the World Championships, excluding byes and walkovers or match the U.S. Olympic Committee's Operation Gold program for $2,000, $3,000 or $5,000 for bronze, silver or gold medals, respectively.

Kirk Hoffmann (Colorado Springs, Colo. /+100kg) was thrown for Ippon and lost his first round to Andrian Kordon (ISR), a bronze medalist at this year's European Championships. Kordon then lost to Italian Paolo Bianchessi, eliminating Hoffman. The 21-year-old will have another chance at competition Sunday in the Open division.

Heidi Moore (Englewood , Colo. /+78kg) faced 2004 Olympic medalist Tea Donguzashvili (RUS) in the first round. Moore hung tough early for the first portion of the round before getting caught with harai goshi (a sweeping hip throw) for Ippon. The Russian was then u pset by Ann Mondiere (FRA) in overtime, eliminating Moore from further competition.

Molly O'Rourke (El Cerrito, Calif./78kg) took to the World Championship stage for the first time and battled gamely before being thrown for Ippon by Turkey 's Seda Karadag in the first round. Karadag lost in the second round, eliminating O'Rourke from competition.

"This was a good stepping stone for Molly to build on for the future," said Coach Jason Morris (Glenville , N.Y.)

"Everyone who competed today was a first time World Team member and so I think that they all gained something from their experience and will walk away with lessons learned and items to work on," Liddie said.

Men's 100kg
1. Keiji Suzuki (JPN)
2. Vitaliy Bubon (UKR)
3. Luciano Correa (BRA)
3. Dmitry Kabanov (RUS)
5. Abbas Fallah (IRI)
5. Yury Rybak (BLR)
7. Daniel Hadfi (HUN)
7. Primoz Ferjan (SLO)

Djamaldin Aliev (Centennial, Colo.) had a first-round bye before defeating Mohamed Ayad (QAT) in the second. Aliev lost to Elec Van Der Geest in the third round.

Men's +100kg
1. Alexander MIkhalin (RUS)
2. Yasuyuki Muneta (JPN)
3. Lasha Gujejiani (GEO)
3. Pierre Robin (FRA)
5. Paolo Bianchessi (ITA)
5. Oscar Breison (CUB)
7. M.R. Roodaki (IRI)
7. Andrian Kordon (ISR)

Kirk Hoffmann (Colorado Springs, Colo.) lost in the first round to seventh place finisher Andrian Kordon (ISR).

Women's 78kg
1. Yurisel Laborde (CUB)
2. Sae Nakazawa (JPN)
3. Celine Lebrun (FRA)
3. Claudia Zwiers (NED)
5. Lucia Morico (ITA)
5. Marianne Morawek (AUT)
7. Amy Cotton (CAN)
7. Rachel Wilding (GBR)

Women's +78kg
1. Wen Tong (CHN)
2. Katrina Bryant (GBR)
3. Anne Sophie Mondiere (FRA)
3. Maki Tsukada (JPN)
5. Carola Uilenhoed (NED)
5. Tea Donguzashvili (RUS)
7. Ji WOn Jeong (KOR)
7. Giovanna Blanco (VEN)

Heidi Moore (Englewood, Colo.) lost in the first round to fifth place finisher Tea Donguzashvili (RUS).