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USA Judo Athletes Receive Life Member Scholarships

Oct. 06, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

Congratulations to 10 elite and up-and-coming athletes who qualified for college scholarships this year: Christina Yannetsos (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Joshua O'Neil (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Christal Ransom (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Michael Eldred (Fruitland, Idaho), Anna Palmer (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Tabitha Lum (Honolulu, Hawaii), Taylor Takata (Brownsville, Texas), Crystal Brown (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Leilani Akiyama (Bellevue, Wash.) and Adam Moyerman (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Scholarship applications are received and reviewed twice per year by a committee consisting of Rachael Friedrich, Jim Webb, Tammie Liddie, and Chairman Gail Stolzenburg.

The funds for the scholarships are provided from the dues paid by USA Judo Life Members which has approximately $325,000 invested with the U.S. Olympic Foundation. Only the interest and dividends are used for athlete scholarships so the fund continues to grow. Our goal is to reach $1 million and provide 100 scholarships each year.

Some of our newest Life Members are Douglas Carter (OK), Paul Skiff (TX), Bill Dunning (in memory of), Yasko Odagiri (IL), Wren Odagiri (IL), Enrique Lopen (FL), Cary Yamanaka (MN), and Dorrie LeForce (TX).

For information on how to apply for become a Life Member or apply for a Life Member Scholarship, contact Gail Stolzenberg,