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USA Judo Development Meeting

Nov. 10, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

Coaches and administrators from throughout the USA Judo family convened in San Francisco, Oct. 19-20, for a two-day development meeting to discuss plans for the future of the sport.

Attendees included: Jose H. Rodriguez (Colorado Springs, Colo.), USA Judo Executive Director/CEO; Eddie Liddie (Colorado Springs, Colo.), USA Judo Director of Coaching and Athlete Development; Leo White (Atlanta, Ga.), Director of Development; Brett Barron (Burlingame, Calif.), Coaching and Training Chairman; Jim Hrbek (Schenectady, N.Y.), Junior Committee Chairman; David Matsumoto (Richmond, Calif.), past Director of Development; Israel Hernandez (Brownsville, Texas), Jhonny Prado (Coral Springs, Fla.) and German Velazco (Coral Springs, Fla.), Head Coaches of the North Miami Training Center, a USA Judo National Training Site.

Jason Morris (Scotia, N.Y.), 2005 World Championship Team Coach, also was invited to the meeting, but was unable to attend.