USA Judo News Day #2: Special Con...

Day #2: Special Congratulations to Marti Malloy! Pan American Junior Champion!

March 12, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

Day #2 of the Pan American Junior and Juvenile Championships featured athletes born in 1986, 1987, and 1988.

Marti Malloy (San Jose State) brought home USA Judo's sole Gold medal from the 2005 Junior and Juvenile Pan American Championships Saturday when she took top honors in the Junior Women's 57kg division. Marti beat Deiglimar Aguillon (Venezuela) and Ana Campos (Argentina) before  defeating Brazil's Ketleyn Lima in the final.

Nicki Schultheis (IL) beat Geisha Rosa (Puerto Rico) and Gladys Cobos (Ecuador) in the qualifying rounds before losing her final match versus Andressa Fernandes (Brazil). Nicki finished with the Silver medal at 52kg.

Fighting through an injured shoulder in the 63kg division, Leilani Akiyama (WA) disposed of Karina Acosta (Mexico), Laura Plaza (Argentina) and Rosangela Martinez (Venezuela, all by Ippon scores before dropping the final match to Julyana Rodrigues (Brazil). Leilani finished with a Silver medal.

Travis Stevens (San Jose State) beat Ludwin Schott (Dominican Republic) and Alexis Chiclana (Puerto Rico), in the Male 81kg division, both by Ippons, to grab the Silver medal in his five man round robin pool.

At 90 kg Landry Ambouroue racked up a pair of Ippon wins against Saul Rodrigues (Dominican Republic) and Isaac Timaure (Venezuela) before dropping one to Brazil's Hugo Pessanha to finish up with a Silver medal.

Daniel McCormick (100+kg) (TX) registered strong wins against Jose Gonzales (Puerto Rico) and Jose Moreno (Venezuela). Daniel's sole loss came a the hands of Rafael Silva (Brazil). McCormick finishes with a Silver medal.

Francisco Alejandro (FL) picked up a Bronze medal at 66kg, as did teammate Jake Thuma (PA) at -100kg. For the girls, Natalie Laursen had a Bronze at 70kg.

Bobby Lee ended his day in 73kg with a 1-2 record and a fifth place finish.

The Junior Team's overall result - a Gold, 5 Silvers and 3 Bronzes fell short of last year's record five Golds. This year Brazil came roaring back with a vengeance. Our relatively young Team provided a strong performance by producing 6 finalists and a total of 9 medals. Added to the Juveniles' total of 14, the US Team produced 23 medals overall - a first.

Venezuela had formal Team Trials and weeks of mandatory training preparatory to the competition. The Brazilian preparation for this event included a Team Trial and selection process that involved nearly 600 athletes.

Our self-funded and dedicated fighters did an outstanding job in confronting strongly capitalized Teams from other countries. Our Fighters worked very hard for their results. They have been a credit to our Junior program and to United States Judo.  Congratulations to all of them. And a resounding thanks to our Coaching Staff - Jhonny Prado, German Velazco and Daniel Doyle, as well as to Team Leader Humberto Lopez.

Complete results are as follows:

Completed Draws

Female Junior 44kg
1. Milagros Gonzalez (VEN)
2. Leonela Estupinan (ECU)
3. Zayra Zarate (MEX)
3. Ana Da Cunha

Female Junior 48kg
1. Karina Watanabe (BRA)
2. Silvia Arteaga (VEN)
3. Luz Alvarez (COL)
3. Zuleyma Garcia (ESA)
5. Evangelina Garcia (MEX)
5. Makarena Chiguay (CHI)

Female Junior 52kg
1. Andressa Fernandes (BRA)
2. Nicki Schultheis (Gurnee, Ill. / Gurnee Judo)
3. Yulieth Sanchez (COL)
3. Maria Garcia (DOM)
5. Jessica Rojas (VEN)
5. Gladys Cobos (ECU)
7. Geisha Rosa (PUR)

Female Junior 57kg
1. Marti Malloy (San jose, Calif. / San Jose State University)
2. Ketleyn Lima (BRA)
3. Deiglimar Aguillon (VEN)
3. Estefania Garcia (ECU)
5. Nayeli Espinoza (MEX)
5. Ana Campos (ARG)

Female Junior 63kg
1. Julyana Rodrigues (BRA)
2. Leilani Akiyama (Bellevue, Wash. / U.S. Judo Training Center)
3. Karina Acosta (MEX)
3. Laura Plaza (ARG)
5. Rosangela Martinez (VEN)

Female Junior 70kg
1. Fernanda Bastoni (BRA)
2. Maria Rojas (VEN)
3. Natalie Laursen (Livermore, Calif. / Amador Judo)
3. Luciana Campos (ARG)

Female Junior 78kg
1. Luzia Fernandez (BRA)
2. Diana Hernandez (VEN)

Female Junior +78kg
1. Maria Althman (BRA)
2. Joselin Torres (VEN)

Male Junior 55kg
1. Carlos Tenesaca (ECU)
2. Miguel Castro (ESA)
3. Ricardo Lima (BRA)
3. Mariano Russo (ARG)
5. Erwin Guzman (CHI)
5. Romulo Ramirez (VEN)
7. Andre Taylor (Dallas, Texas / Becerra Judo & Jujitsu Club)
7. Enrique Torres (MEX)

Male Junior 60kg
1. Celis Poll (VEN)
2. Jose Romero (ECU)
3. Manaurys Jacinto (DOM)
3. Robson Hirata (BRA)
5. Yesid Rodriguez (COL)
5. Benjamin Tapia (CHI)
7. Jean-Pierre Durand (Coral Springs, Fla. / Ki-Itsu-Sai)
7. Gilberto Mont (PUR)

Male Junior 66kg
1. Arturo Zapad (VEN)
2. Luis Medrano (DOM)
3. Francisco Alejandro (Coral Springs, Fla. / Ki-Itsu-Sai)
3. Armando Ortiz (MEX)
5. Oscar Morales (NCA)
5. Rafael Lara (CHI)

Male Junior 73kg
1. Diogo Coutinho (BRA)
2. Luis Retamales (CHI)
3. Berangel Martin (VEN)
3. Hector Campos (ARG)
5. Bobby Lee (Coral Springs, Fla. / Ki-Itsu-Sai)
5. Jonathan Chavez (ESA)
7. Rafael Encarnacion (DOM)
7. Pablo Almeida (URU)

Male Junior 81kg
1. Guilherme Luna (BRA)
2. Travis Stevens (San Jose, Calif. / San Jose State University)
3. Victor Carmona (VEN)
3. Alexis Chiclana (PUR)
5. Ludwin Schott (DOM)

Male Junior 90kg
1. Hugo Pessanha (BRA)
2. Landry Ambouroue (North Richland Hills, Texas / Ruben Martin Judo)
3. Saul Rodriguez (DOM)
3. Isaac Timaure (VEN)

Male Junior 100kg
1. Gustavo Oliveira (BRA)
2. Luis Amezquita (VEN)
3. Jacob Thuma (Harrisburg, Pa. / Harrisburg Judo)
3. Teofilo Diek (DOM)
5. Eric Lopez (PUR)

Male Junior +100kg
1. Rafael Silva (BRA)
2. Daniel McCormick (Arlington, Texas)
3. Jose Moreno (VEN)
3. Jose Gonzalez (PUR)