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A representative for each athlete must attend the draw to ensure the athlete is in the correct category. Failure to confirm or make changes/corrections during the draw may result in the athlete NOT COMPETING IN THESE CHAMPIONSHIPS

New In 2018!


Method Of Draw

USA Judo has been listening to your requests!

In the interest of making more time available for coaches and parents to spend time with their athletes, USA Judo is presenting a new "draw" procedure at the Presidents Cup Championships

All draws will be conducted using USA Judo approved software. See Rules and Method of Competition for all seeding information. With the exception of seeding, the draw will be random. Once the draw is complete, there will be no changes.

If two or more athletes fail to make weight or report to weigh in’s in the same category, the division may be redrawn.

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USA Judo will follow the steps below in lieu of a "live draw":

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Preliminary Brackets Posted (8pm)

• Draws will be posted in the Hudson Room
(2nd Floor, Marriott Dallas Las Colinas)

• This is not the final brackets

• At this time you will have a chance to review and make a change if you find an error

• Change forms will be provided


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Bracket Change Period Ends (9pm)

• All changes will need to be completed

• No change forms will be accepted after 9:00 pm


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Re-Draw Brackets (9:15pm)

USA Judo staff will:

• Enter in all changes

• Redraw the brackets that need correction in psuedo-"live draw"

Coaches, parents and athletes are invited to stay but time will not be taken to allow for pictures


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Mat Assignment (9:30pm)

• Room will be cleared for USA Judo staff to assign mats to the brackets

• All brackets will be posted online upon completion of mat assignments

• All brackets anticipated to be posted online by 11pm


USA Judo appreciates the hard work and planning that goes into attending the USA Judo National Events. It is our intent to make this an enjoyable and memorable opportunity for all attending!