USA Judo

Check-In Is Mandatory

Registration and Check-In will be held in the Planters Room - Marriott Dallas Las Colinas

All athletes, or a representative for the athlete, must check-in during the official check-in period. Any changes/corrections must be made during this time. If the athlete is not checked-in during this period, they will be removed from the draw and may result in them not competing in these championships. Check-in is required BEFORE going to the official weigh-ins

Check-in will be held in the Dallas Ballroom at the Marriott Dallas Las Colinas starting at 9 a.m. and will continue until 4 p.m.

Each competitor will need not know their USA Judo membership number as well as the category they will be competing in and the weight division in which they will be participating.


Check-In Process

Pre-Registered Competitors

There will be 4 designated check-in stations. Go to any of these check-in stations and enter your USA Judo member number with which you pre-registered.

Verify the following:

  • Spelling of first and last name
  • Category in which you wish to compete, ie. Bantam 1 or Cadet
  • Weight Division in which you are going to compete (this is your declared weight) *
  • Name of your club or dojo * *

Sign and Submit the form

Upon completion, you will be supplied with your credentials and form for the official weigh-in.


Walkup Registrations (Not Pre-Registered Competitors)

There will be 4 designated registration kiosks. Proceed to one of the registration kiosks and register for the competition using your USA Judo member number. In the event that you do not have a current USA Judo member number, you may sign-up for a USA Judo membership before continuing with registration for the competition. USA Judo staff will be available for assistance.

You will need the following:

  • USA Judo Membership Number (or sign-up for a new USA Judo membership)
  • Birth certificate or Passport (this is to verified citizenship and date-of-birth)
  • Copy of rank verification or a letter of rank on dojo letterhead that has been signed by the lead sensei of the dojo
  • Athlete competition weight division * and category (Please see weigh-ins)

Upon completion of registering for the competition, USA Judo staff will manually check you in and supply you with your credentials at the same kiosk before you continue to the official weigh-in. This will require you to confirm and sign an additional form as final verification of your Category and Weight Division * for this event.


* Failure to make declared weight, will eliminate the athlete from competition, with the exception of Open weight category if applicable. Athlete WILL NOT be moved to another weight category if declared weight category is missed.

* * Only current USA Judo clubs, at the time of registration, will be listed with athletes’ event registration. Non-USA Judo clubs WILL NOT be affiliated with a registered athlete. USA Judo club membership will be available during the check in process. If a club registers with USA Judo during the check-in/registration process, their club WILL BE affiliated with their athletes at this event.


Coach Check-In

Coaches must check-in in order to coach at this tournament

There will be a designated check-in station for coach check-ins. All coaches that wish to coach mat-side must go to this check-in station and validate their coaching credentials.

The following will need to be verified:

  • Spelling of first and last name
  • Current coaching credentials from any of the following:
    • USA Judo
    • United States Judo Association (USJA)
    • United States Judo Federation (USJF)

Upon completion, you will be supplied with your credentials and tag for coaching at the USA Judo Presidents Cup Championships.

For the safety of all the athletes, coaches must be compliant with a current Background Screening, SafeSport Certification and HeadsUp! Concussion Certification