2023 Ohio Judo Championships Weekend

Kettering, Ohio

May 06 - 07, 2023

Saturday, May 6th, 2023 – Clinics (Shiai, Kata, Referee) & Ohio Judo Hall of Fame Banquet

Sunday, May 7th, 2023 – ALL Competition

New this year-Online Registration Only

Registration fee:   Pre-register by April 22, 2023:     $50 first division, $20 each additional division

                                       After 4/22/23 Until 5/4/2023:   $70 first division, $30 each additional division
                                       Clinic fees:        $25 ($10 if you are participating on Sunday)
                                       Banquet            $50 (must get ticket by April 22, 2023)

Registration DISCOUNT:    Additional family members will receive a $10 discount (1st division) use code FAMILY.

                                                All Current Registered (2023) Ohio Judo, Inc. Clubs can offer their OJI members an additional $5.00 discount on the total of their registration fees. Use code OHIO.

SATURDAY SCHEDULE:    Kata Clinic (Goshin Jutsu)                   1:00PM-4:00PM
                                            Clinics by Grace Jividen Truesdale    Juniors (1:00PM-3:00PM) - Seniors (3:00PM-5:00PM)
                                            Referee Clinic                                     3:00PM-5:00PM
                                            Hall of Fame Banquet                         6:30PM-9:00PM


SUNDAY SCHEDULE:  Kata registration                                          9:00 to 9:30AM

                                       Senior & Master Weight Verification           9:00 to10:00AM.

Junior Weight Verification                           10:00AM to 12:00NOON.

Kata competition begins                             10:00AM

Opening Ceremonies                                 10:30AM

Master competition begins                         10:45 AM. (following Opening Ceremonies)

Senior competition begins                          11:00 AM. (following Opening Ceremonies)

Junior competition begins                           Immediately following Seniors (est. 1:00PM)

ELIGIBILITY:                   All contestants must provide a valid USA JUDO, USJA, USJF or ATJA card. Foreign contestants must have the proper ID from their home country.  (Membership registration will also be available at the site.) The Tournament Director reserves the right to make necessary adjustments for the successful operation of the event. The Tournament Director may refuse any entry that is found to contain false information.              

SCORING:                       True Double Elimination                   MATS:              3 Mat Areas will be used


MATCH TIMES:              All Senior Brown/Black Divisions will be 4 minutes.  All others will be 3 minutes.

RULES:                            The current rules of the International Judo Federation (IJF) as modified.

1.      GOLDEN SCORE will apply to ALL DIVISIONS [Masters and under 11, GS = 2 minutes max.] 

2.      NO Kansetsu waza allowed in Junior Divisions

3.      Shime waza allowed for 13 yrs. of age and up, except novice divisions

4.      Kansetsu waza allowed in all advanced senior divisions regardless of age. (min. age for Sr. div. is 15) No Kansetsu waza nor Shime waza in novice senior divisions

5.      2002 Medical Rules for Juniors

6.      If your name is called first you must wear a white gi.  Second called may wear either a blue or white gi with blue belt.  If blue gi is used both contestants should wear their regular rank belts.

7.      Must be in judo gi to receive your medal

8.      Must Have your Own White & Blue Belts unless you have both White and Blue Gis

9.      Must have Footwear on when you are off the Mat

AWARDS:                        Medals for first, second and third place winners.


DIVISIONS:                      Junior Girls

Ages 6 & Under               Light, Middle & Heavy

Ages 7 & 8                       Light, Middle & Heavy

Ages 9 & 10                     Light, Middle & Heavy

Ages 11 & 12                   Light, Middle & Heavy

Ages 13 & 14                   Light, Middle & Heavy

Ages 15 & 16                   Light, Middle & Heavy

Junior Boys

Ages 6 & Under   Light, Middle, Mid-Heavy & Heavy

Ages 7 & 8           Light, Middle, Mid-Heavy & Heavy

Ages 9 & 10         Light, Middle, Mid-Heavy & Heavy

Ages 11 & 12       Light, Middle, Mid-Heavy & Heavy

Ages 13 & 14       Light, Middle, Mid-Heavy & Heavy

Ages 15 & 16       Light, Middle, Mid-Heavy & Heavy

Masters [Male] Age Over 35                      Masters [Female] Age Over 35

Light, Middle, Mid-Heavy & Heavy                    Light, Middle & Heavy

    (Note: additional age or weight divisions will be added if entries warrant it)


Senior Males [Two Divisions]

Novice (White – Green)             Advanced (Brown – Black)

Light, Middle, Middle Heavy, Heavy


Senior Females [Two Divisions]

Novice (White – Green)              Advanced (Brown – Black)

Light, Middle, Heavy

Kata Divisions

Ju No Kata - Katame No Kata - Nage No Kata – Goshin Jutsu – Kime No Kata

Additional Kata Divisions Added – Novice Nage (1st 3 sets); Novice Ju no Kata (1st 2 sets); Novice Katame (1st 2 sets)

 (The Tournament Director reserves the right to regroup divisions and make any other changes necessary for the successful operation of the event.)


COACHES:                      Coaching must take place ONLY in the Coach's Chair.  One coach per contestant.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:      Russ Scherer 937-427-5836   rschererjudo@gmail.com

REFREE MEETING:       9:30 AM             CHIEF REFEREE:         Mike Takata  - IJF-A Referee

HEAD KATA JUDGE:    Frances Glaze (Shichidan)  - IJF Kata Judge and USA Judo A- Level Kata Judge


SPECTATORS FEE:      FREE ADMISSION (Taking Donations for the Officials)

Contact information for the 2023 Ohio Judo Championships Weekend:

Kettering Rec Center JC / Russ Scherer

OJI website: http://www.ohiojudo.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=643:2023-05-06-07-ohio-open-judo-weekend&catid=81&Itemid=278