USA Judo Junior Olympic National Championships

San Jose, California

June 24 - 26, 2022

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Junior Olympics COVID-19 Event Policy Update-updated 3/31/2022

USA Judo will be following the jurisdictional COVID-19 guidelines provided by the local/state health department and/or appropriate government entities ( ). As such, neither COVID testing or COVID vaccinations will be required for these Championships. We do, however, recommend that you wear a mask, social distance and use hand sanitizer/wipes during the activities in San Jose.

USA Judo asks any individuals who have a fever and/or experiencing COVID-like symptoms to NOT attend the Junior Olympic Nationals.

Any international competitors from outside the United States will need to follow COVID-19 Testing and other protocols as required by the US State Department/CDC.



Early Online Entry: May 16

Regular Online Entry: June 15

Walk-Up Registration: June 24

To Register

  1. Log into your USA Judo profile LOGIN
  2. Choose TOURNAMENTS from the menu
  4. Click on the appropriate entry (Competitor Entry or Coaches and Referee Entry)
  5. Click +ADD ENTRY
  6. Complete all questions
  7. Use the shopping cart to complete the purchase of your registration


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Athletes competing in the IJF-Junior and Cadet events at the Junior Olympic National Championships will be eligible to represent Team USA at the Junior and Cadet World Championships in August. 

Winners of the Cadet events will earn direct qualification to compete at the 2022 Cadet Worlds, Aug. 24-28 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Winners of the IJF-Junior events will earn direct qualification to compete at the 2022 
Junior Worlds, Aug. 10-13 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

View 2022 Junior and Cadet Worlds Selection Criteria


McEnery Convention Center

150 W. San Carlos Street

San Jose, Ca 95113

June 19: Message to Junior Olympic Competitors

Online Registration Deadline Extension

The online registration deadline has been extended from June 9 to June 15. 

Novice Eligibility Update

Reminder: Novice categories are open to white, yellow, or orange belts only

If a novice athlete has entered and medaled* in a regular category the previous year in any USA Judo national event, the athlete is not eligible to compete in any USA Judo national event novice category the following year.

*If an athlete medaled in a regular category without winning a match, he or she is still allowed to compete in the novice division. 


  • If athlete entered and medaled in a regular category in 2021 at any USA Judo national event, he or she will not be eligible to enter novice category in 2022 and beyond in a USA Judo national event.
  • If a novice athlete entered a regular category in March 2022 at a USA Judo national event and medaled, the athlete is still eligible for novice categories at USA Judo national events for the remainder of 2022. The athlete would not be eligible for the novice category in any USA Judo national event beginning in 2023.
  • Uncontested categories are exempt.

Contingency Weigh-In

For the first time at a USA Judo National Event, contingency morning weigh-in (CMW) will be implemented at the Jr. Olympics for those individuals who are not able to make the weigh-in session the day prior for whatever unforeseen circumstance or situation beyond their control.  Details of the new CMW policy are as follows:

  • The CMW session is to be used only for those who experience extenuating circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from attending the weigh-in session the day before the event.
  • Any individual(s) experiencing a situation beyond their control that would prevent them from attending the weigh-in MUST contact Keith Bryant at, explaining the reason for missing the weigh-ins scheduled the day before the event.  Any individual who does NOT inform USA Judo of his/her need for the contingency weigh-in the day before will NOT be allowed to weigh-in during the CMW session. Deadline for reporting is no longer than two hours after the published conclusion of weigh-ins the day before the event. 
  • Contingency Morning Weigh-in Procedures:
    • The CMW Session at the 2022 Junior Olympics will be conducted from 6:30am – 7:00 a.m. on the day of competition at the McEnery Convention Center.
    • If an individual fails to complete the CMW, he or she will forfeit their opportunity to compete without refund of registration nor reimbursement of any additional costs.
    • Should an individual show to the CMW session who has NOT contacted the designated USA Judo official and subsequently were not placed on the CMW list of participants, that individual will NOT be able to weigh-in and will forfeit their right to compete and any refund.
    • Once all designated CMW participants have completed their weigh-in, the amended competition brackets will immediately be updated and re-published in the Smoothcomp Competition Management System.
    • Non-official scales will be available for individuals to check their weight both the night before weigh-ins and in the morning of the competition (subject to safety of people and property).
    • CMW weigh-ins will be provided for both men and women.
    • CMW participants who do not make weight will NOT be allowed to move up a weight category and will be eliminated from the competitions without refund or reimbursement of any competition-related expenses.