Danish Open Cup & Camp 2020

Vejle, Denmark

Feb. 08 - 11, 2020

WATCH LIVE: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCBWJJRQnHZda6b7V6bzMB6A


In February, a delegation of twenty-two USA Judo athletes will be travelling to compete in the 2020 Danish Open in Vejle, Denmark.

The competition includes more than 500 judo players from 20 countries; teams as far away as Japan.

Divisions at the tournament include: U15, U18, U21 and Senior age categories (male and female). The Senior and U18 Categories are set to compete on Saturday, February 8, and the U15 and U21 on Sunday. A two-day training camp will follow the tournament on February 10th and 11th.

"I think this is a fantastic event for our up and coming Junior players (as well as our top Seniors),” said Brett Wolf, Head Coach of Menomonee Judo. “Everything about the tournament is first class, including the level of competition. We sent a group of ten athletes from our dojo last year. Each and every one of them has been raving about their experience ever since. We're excited to be going back to Vejle and having a large group of players from the U.S joining us."

The USA Judo team headed to Denmark includes:

1. Alice Mihas F U18 63kg

2. Natalija Stanojevic F U18 +70kg and U21 78kg

3. Adam Eckardt M U21 66kg and Sr’s 66kg

4. Max Antoniou M U21 66kg and Sr’s 66kg

5. Gabe Wrubel M U21 73kg and Sr’s 73kg

6. Ruben Martin M Sr’s +100kg

7. Karlee Carrouth F U18 63kg and U21 63kg

8. Jack Yonezuka U18 66kg

9. Nick Yonezuka U21 73kg

10. David Leiva U15 38kg

11. Nicole Cancela U15 48kg

12. Emily Jaspe U15 52kg

13.. Christopher Velazco U18 50kg

14. Omer Barak U18 66kg

15. Maia Waggoner U18 48kg

16. Melissa Herrera U18 63kg

17. Giovanna Prado U21 48kg

18. Noran Elmahroukey U21 52kg

19. Tasha Cancela U21 57kg

20. Jacob More U21 60kg

21. Mitchell Greer U21 66kg

22. Nicholas Rodriguez U21 73kg

23. Daniel Goodwin U15 36kg


Natalija Stanojevic: Gold Medal and Max Antoniou: Silver Medal are returning medalists from 2019 are hoping to defend their title this year.

“We feel it’s a great opportunity for our younger group of athletes to get European experience at a young age. Based on the quality of the tournament from last year, we again thought it would be a good opportunity for our junior athletes. We are hoping for many medals this year.” – Jhonny Prado

Let’s go Team USA!



Please contact Lauren Roersma at Lauren.Roersma@usajudo.us.