Junior Pan American Cup

Lima, Peru

Dec. 04, 2020 7 a.m. (ET)

Junior Pan American Cup Lima

If you are interested in attending this event please contact:

Lauren Roersma

Due to the short term notification of the event, please make Lauren aware of your intent to attend by November 4, 2020 5p Eastern Time.


On behalf of the Peruvian Judo Federation, and the Pan-American Judo Confederation (PJC), we would like to share with you this general information relating to the COVID-19 safety protocol that will be use at the 2020 Junior Pan-American Judo Cup to be held in Lima, Peru on December 4.

The organizers of the event will be using the concept of a “Bubble” and everyone participating in the event: athlete, coach, administrator, official, guests, referee or staff, will be included and placed in this protective Bubble. There are to be no exceptions to been a part of the bubble and any deviation of the rules will automatically have rendered the party ineligible to participate in this event.

Please read the information below carefully and ask any questions prior to arriving at the event. It is the responsibility of each participating member to follow and respect each of these rules and guidelines.

  1. Due to biosecurity measures, the participation of delegations outside the official accommodation will not be accepted. Only delegations that arrive by official transport, and have been accredited at the airport upon arrival of the flight from their country of origin, may enter the hotel.
  2. Only official members of each delegation shall be allowed to be within the Bubble of this event.
  3. The event’s bubble will include the official transportation to and from the airport; the warm-up and competition areas; the official hotel, all meals area; all athlete’s accommodations floors.
  4. Only official members of the delegations with proper accreditations issued by the organizers will be allowed inside the competition venue. There will not be any exceptions.
  5. Prior to each delegation departure from their countries the organizers will provide a government issued form (attached to this entry packet) that must be completed prior to arriving at immigration in Peru. Each traveling member of the delegation must have this one form completed and signed upon arrival for the immigration authorities in Peru.
  6. All delegation members upon arrival to Peru must have with them a PCR Negative test result document that was issued no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Peru. Everyone must have this PCR test result document!
  7. All delegation members must be wearing a mask at all-time upon arrival at the airport, as well as all other areas unless otherwise indicated. Although the organizers will have extra masks available, we request that all delegation bring with them the necessary number of masks for their own use.
  8. Upon arrival and exiting Immigration/Custom at Lima airport each delegation will be met by members of the organizing committee trained in the application of this protocol, and will placed the delegation members in special transportation vehicles to be taken to the hotel. Once inside the official transportation vehicle, the delegation is now considered to be within the championship bubble.
  9. On hotel arrival the delegations will be taken directly to the Health check hosting salon, where each delegation member will be process and a quick “anti-body” test will be performing on each member of the delegation. The result of each of these tests will be known within a few minutes so it will not be too time consuming, but it is a requirement of the health authorities of the country. While the delegation is in this health check hosting salon, the chief of the delegation will be meeting with the organizers in order to process all paper work and secure the room keys of their delegation.
  10. Once the delegation members have been provided their room keys they are to head to their assigned rooms. At this point of the protocol and once they have been provided with a room within the hotel bubble, the members of the delegations are only allowed to move within the event’s bubble and cannot leave the premises of the bubble until they head back to the airport for their departure.
  11. Meals times will be assigned so that only a certain number of persons are eating at the same time in the cafeteria/restaurant. Times will be posted and are expected to be kept and respected. Prior to entering the dining room salon each person temperature will be checked.
  12. If during the course of the competition dates, or the stay of the individual member of the delegation, a person begins to feel ill, or develops any symptoms of concern, the person will be immediately transferred to a dedicated “health-monitoring” floor where they will be kept in quarantine to see if any further symptoms develops. These rooms and floor where these persons would be staying are off limits to anyone other than health authorities. The rooms will be single occupancy rooms and all meals would be served to the room following the proper protocols. It will be the National Federation of the affected, responsibility to pay for this extra room if needed.
  13. It is to be clearly understood by every NF that all members of the delegation must have medical insurance, and that each NF is responsible for all cost relating to medical treatment for all delegation members. Neither the organizers, nor the Peruvian Judo Federation nor the Pan-American Judo Confederation assume any responsibilities relating to the cost of any medical treatment of each delegation member.
  14. Transportation times to the hotel to the venue will be posted in the lobby of the hotel as well as announced at the technical meeting. Delegations are requested to abide by the transportation times assigned so as to be able to afford everyone to have the necessary and safe distance dictated by the anti-Covid19 protocol. It is mandatory that everyone riding the transportation system wear their mask at all time. Prior to boarding the transportation to the venue each person temperature will be checked.
  15. Once at the competition venue and given the fact that the venue is large enough, we ask each delegation to please a safe distance between each other in the stands. Only those athletes competing that day will be allowed to be at the competition warm up area.
  16. We will follow all other protocol within the competition venue as issued within the IJF protocol document that has been sent to all National Federation as well as been attached to this entry packet.