2014 National Scholastic Championships

Irving, Texas

March 22 - 23, 2014

 2014 USA JUDO Youth and Scholastic National Championships
2014 USA Judo Collegiate Open
March 22-23, 2014


Held under the Sanction of USA JUDO (United States Judo, Inc.)

Hotel Deadline: Feb 24




Hosted by:

Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau

Tournament Headquarters Hotel

Marriott Dallas Las Colinas 223 West Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, Texas 75039

Competition Site:

Irving Convention Center


Friday, March 21: See schedule of events for details

Weigh In

See Schedule of Events

Competition Date:

Saturday, March 22: Juvenile A, B ,Intermediate 2, and Senior Collegiate

Sunday, March 23: Bantam,  Intermediate 1, IJF-Junior, and Novice Collegiate

Tournament Director:

Contact the National Office for registration questions at 719.866.4730

Referees Meeting:

See attached schedule

Chief Referee

To be announced

Coaches Meeting:

Coaches meeting will be held at the Irving Convention Center at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 21. All coaches on the floor must be certified and have proper ID to be issued at meeting to gain floor access. Coaches must attend to receive credentials for event.

Only USA Judo coach certification will be accepted.


Will immediately follow the Coaches Meeting on Friday March 21 for  all categories



Friday, March 21                             Irving Convention Center

11:00am – 4:00pm                       Tournament check-in and registration for ALL competitors/ALL


11:00am – 4:00pm                       Weigh-ins for Juvenile A, B, Intermediate 2 and all Collegiate


6:00 pm                                  Referees Meeting

6:00 pm                                  Technical Officials Meeting

7:00 pm                                  Coaches Meeting

Draw for all categories immediately following coaches meeting

Saturday, March 22                         Competition at Irving Convention Center

8:00 am                                  Doors open

8:00 am                                  Referees meeting at venue

8:45 am                                  Opening Ceremonies

9:00 am                                  Competition begins for Juvenile A, B, Intermediate 2 and Senior Collegiate Categories

11:00am - 1:00pm                        Weigh-ins for Bantam, Intermediate 1, and IJF-Junior Categories at


Sunday, March 23

8:00 am                                  Doors open

8:00 am                                  Referees meeting at venue

9:00 am                                  Competition begins – Bantam,  Intermediate 1, IJF-Junior and Novice Collegiate Categories


The Tournament Director reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding this event.


Registration Dates/Entry Fees:

Due Date

1st Category

2nd Category

3rd Category

Postmarked no later than Feb. 14




Postmarked Feb. 15--Feb. 28**




On line registration by Feb. 21




On line registration Feb. 22- March 19




Walk up registration after March 19




  • **DO NOT MAIL ENTRIES AFTER FEBRUARY 28.  After this date, all entries must be on line or should be hand carried to event and will be considered walk-up registration.
  • On-line registrations will not be accepted after March 19.  Entries should be hand carried to event and will be considered walk-up registrations at this point
  • Personal, Business, Travelers, Certified, Cashiers checks, Money Orders or credit cards only accepted via mail in entries.  Do not send cash. Credit card form attached.
  • Checks should be made payable to 2014 USA Judo Youth National Championships
  • Entry into second or third category must be for same athlete
  • Entry fees are non-refundable
  • Absolutely no entries will be accepted after 4:00 p.m. Friday March 21.


Online Entries:

Your rank, date of birth and citizenship must be verified in the USA Judo database prior to being allowed access to register on line.  For verification, please send a copy of your birth certificate or picture passport page and a copy of your USA Judo, USJF or USJA rank certificate to 719-866-4733 (fax) or scan/email to corinne.shigemoto@usajudo.us.  Verification will only be entered in database during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm MST).

Incomplete Entry Materials:

Entries with incomplete or missing information will be considered walk-up registrations unless the required material is received before March 14.

Confirmation of Registration:  Enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope to be informed whether your registration is complete/incomplete.  Missing items received by March 14 will complete registration. Otherwise, your entry will be considered incomplete and walk-up registration fees will apply.  Emails or phone calls regarding complete/incomplete items will not be taken.  Missing information notices will not be sent after March 7.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding this event.


$12.00 per person per day.  Children under 8 years of age are free. Children 9 -12 years of age are $8 per day or $14 for two days. Two-day adult passes are $20.00.

  • Olympians will be granted free admission and floor passes to the event.
  • USA JUDO Life Members and Circle of 100 Members will receive free admission (spectator seating only).


Headquarters:         The Marriott Dallas Las Colinas

223 West Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, Texas 75039

Rates:                                    $105.00, plus all applicable tax (single, double, triple or quad)

Deadline Date:        Book by February 24 to receive the discounted pricing.

For Reservations Call:  1-800-264-1178 or 972-831-0000.  Ask for the Judo rate.



Air Transportation: Nearest airport is DFW.  You may book online at www.united.com and enter your Offer Code ZRS6919055 in the Offer Code box when searching for your flights. If booking through a travel professional or United Meetings at 800-426-1122, please give them the following information: Agreement Code: 919055  Z Code: ZRS6

Ground Transportation:  No ground transportation will be provided.  Venue is within walking distance of headquarter hotel. For transportation between the airport and the hotel: Carey Limo 800-336-4646 www.carey.com, Wynne Transportation 888-913-5466 www.golimo.com, Road Runner Charters 817-355- 9474 donna@roadrunnercharters.com.

Enterprise Rental Cars are available at the Irving Convention Center.  Save on airport tax/fee's call 972- 409-7073 for reservations.


Contestants may participate if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. All divisions MUST BE a United States Citizen (with copy of passport or birth certificate required or verification of citizenship on USA Judo membership card), OR with the exception of the IJF categories athletes may be a non-United States citizen who is residing in the United States legally, i.e., student VISA,  valid Green Card, visitor's VISA, work VISA, etc.  Original documentation of legal residency must be presented during the registration process. NOTE: Non-citizens as described above may enter any division EXCEPT Trial divisions. For this event, that means they may not enter IJF Jr EXCEPT in the IJF JR Open category.
  2. A current member in good standing of USA JUDO (United States Judo, Inc.)  regardless of citizenship.  A copy of membership card is required.
  3. Born between 1994 and 2008 inclusively for all non-collegiate categories.
  4. For Collegiate Categories:  At least fifteen (15) years of age as of the date of the tournament and under the age of 28 as of December 31 of the year of the event.  Must be sankyu and above.
  5. For Novice Collegiate category athlete must be below the rank of sankyu (brown).


For Jr. World Trial and Jr. Pan Am Championships Selection criteria, please visit: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Judo/Athletes/Juniors/Competition-Opportunities/Jr-World-Team-Criteria




Please note that each Category is based solely on the year in which the contestant was born.  The contestant’s actual age on the day of competition is irrelevant.  All weights are in kilograms.  For each weight division, the weight range will be over the next lower weight and up to and including the weight listed.  Example:  Bantam 1, 28 kg – over 23 kg and up to and including 28 kg. The following age/weight categories will be in use for this year’s event (2014):

BANTAM 1 (Born 2008):

Female AND Male: 19, 23, 28, +28 kg

INTERMEDIATE 2 (Born 2002-2003):

Female AND Male:

28, 31, 34, 38, 42, 47, 52, +52 kg

BANTAM 2 (Born 2007):

Female AND Male: 21, 25, 30, +30 kg

JUVENILE A (Born 2000-2001):

Female AND Male:

36, 40, 44, 48, 53, 58, 64, +64 kg

BANTAM 3 (Born 2006):

Female AND Male: 23, 27, 31, 35, +35 kg

JUVENILE B (Born 1997-1999): Female: 40, 44, 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, +70


Male: 50, 55, 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, +90 kg

INTERMEDIATE 1 (Born 2004-2005):

Female AND Male: 26, 30, 34, 38, 43, +43 kg

IJF-Junior (Born 1994-1999):

Female: 44, 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, 78, +78

kg, Open

Male: 55, 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, 100, +100

kg, Open

The IJF-Junior Category is the same as the International Judo Federation Junior World Championships Category.  Athletes may enter if they are born in 1994 through1999 only.


See Schedule of Events for times of weigh in.  A calibrated practice scale will be available prior to, and during, the weigh-in periods.  However, in no case will contestants be allowed on the Official Scale during Official Weigh-In for the purpose of checking weight. Contestants may check weight as many times as desired prior to the designated time of the official weigh-in on the official scale.  A contestant is given only one chance on the official scale during official weigh-in.  At weigh-in, athletes must present their tournament-issued identification card AND all athletes in the Juvenile B , IJF- Junior and Collegiate categories  must present a photo ID.

IMPORTANT:  Athletes must make their declared weight as designated/confirmed during check in/registration Athlete may change weight category during check in/registration.  Failure to make declared weight will result in the athlete not competing.  Athlete will not be moved to next weight category.



All draws will be conducted using USA Judo approved software.  With the exception of seeding, the draw will be random. It is the coach/athlete’s sole responsibility to confirm that the correct athlete is listed in the correct division.  Any corrections/changes must be made prior to the draw or during the scheduled draw for those categories.  Once the draw is complete, there will be no changes.  NO EXCEPTIONS.



All Coaches must adhere to the following dress code during the event.  Failure to adhere will be grounds for removal of coaching credentials.

Acceptable apparel: national or club team track suit (sweatsuit) with polo shirt; business casual attire; dress jeans (no holes or markings); button down shirts or polo shirts.  Dress shoes, sneakers (tennis shoes).  Forbidden apparel: flip flops, sandals, shorts, tee-shirts, hats, head coverings.

All coaches must be current USA Judo Certified Coaches to receive coaching credentials at this event.



The Championships will be conducted in accordance with the Contest Rules, Organization Code and Sporting Code of the International Judo Federation, as revised for the USA JUDO Youth and Scholastic National Judo Championships.  Athletes competing in Junior divisions do not have to be enrolled in academic institutions to be eligible to compete.

Competition Method: The standard (“true”) Double Elimination System with winner’s and loser’s brackets will be used. The winner of the loser’s bracket will compete against the winner of the winner’s bracket for 1st and 2nd place.  The first one of these two contestants to have two (2) losses will be

placed second; the other will be placed first.  The loser of the loser’s bracket will be placed 3rd. For categories of under five contestants, round robin will be the method of competition.

Seeding : There will be no seeding  with the exception of the IJF-Junior and Juvenile B categories. The top four athletes will be seeded in each division. If seeded athlete is not present, the other athletes WILL move up in seeding. Players having the same state affiliation will be placed as far apart in the bracket as possible.

Juniors winning medals in the IJF-Junior, Juvenile A, Juvenile B, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 divisions will be awarded 10 points for a gold medal, 6 points for a silver medal and 4 points for a bronze medal on the Junior Elite National Roster that corresponds to his or her weight division.

Juniors will not be awarded points for the Junior Elite National Roster for winning medals in collegiate categories.  There will be no points awarded in the Collegiate Categories.

  • Determination of Weight Category: Athletes are asked to declare their weight category on the entry form or at check-in/registration.
  • All athletes must compete in their true age/weight unless their category.
  • Shime-waza rule: Shime-waza  allowed in Juvenile A, B, IJF-Junior and all Collegiate categories only.
  • Kansetsu-waza rule: Kansetsu-waza  allowed in Juvenile B, IJF-Junior and senior collegiate categories only.
  • Injury Rule: Decisions regarding on mat injuries, are to be resolved in accordance with IJF rules; such decisions occurring off the mat or not covered by the IJF rules, are to be made by the coach, the athlete, and the Team Doctor.  If there is not a unanimous opinion among these three individuals, the athlete may not continue (Board-approved October 22, 1998.)
    • Bantam and Intermediate 1                   - 3 minutes/ 2 minute golden score
    • Intermediate 2 and Juvenile A               -3 minutes/no golden score limit
    • Juvenile B and IJF-Junior                     - 4 minutes/ no golden score limit
    • All Collegiate Categories                       - 5 minutes/no golden score limit

Match lengths:

  • Judo gi color: For all divisions, the blue/white judo gi requirement is mandatory


IJF Junior Categories only, testing, in accordance with procedures of the U.S. Olympic Committee may be conducted by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) .For questions concerning whether or not a substance banned, you may call the Drug Reference Hotline at 1.800.223.0393. Correspondence and inquiries: USADA, 1265 Lake Plaza Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Visit  http://www.usantidoping.org/ for more information.


  • Individual Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze (one bronze)  medals will be awarded for first, second and third places for all divisions
  • Special Awards (to both male and female): Best Technique, Fighting Spirit and Outstanding Competitor for each day.

All medal winners MUST be in regulation white judo gi or team sweats (track suit) to accept any and all awards.




The tournament director reserves the right to make all final decisions on events related to and surrounding these championships.