USA Judo Board of Directors Election
Announcement - Selection of Independent Director

November 14, 2018

On behalf of the USA Judo Nominating Committee, I am pleased to announce our selection of the Independent Director in accordance with Section 6.5(g) of the USA Judo Bylaws.

We select Mr. Mark Hill, the current Board President, to serve a second term as Independent Director.

The Committee wishes Mr. Hill and the Board continued success in their leadership of USA Judo and also thanks the second Independent Director nominee, Dr. Robert Reilly, for his willingness to serve USA Judo and participate in the nominating process.

I want to recognize and thank the following members of the USA Judo Nominating Committee for their thoughtful consideration of the nominees and their service to USA Judo.

    • Nina Cutro-Kelly, Athlete Representative

    • Jerry Cypert, Group B & C Representative

    • Timothy Jordan, Independent Representative

    • Brian Toth, At-Large Representative

For more information about the election, please visit the 2018 USA Judo Board of Directors Election webpage.

Pete Catlos
Chair, USA Judo Nominating Committee