Some USA Judo members have asked for details about the ballot process, expressing concern about the privacy of their vote.

The details below supplement the Nominating and Election Procedures found on the USA Judo 2018 Election web page.

The Election Balloting will be administered by an independent third-party election administrator, Association Elections. Association Elections has administered prior USA Judo Election Ballots. A third-party is used in order to completely separate the USA Judo Staff, Board and Nominating Committee from the collection and tallying of votes and to ensure that individual voter information is not revealed to anyone but the third-party firm.

  • Voter Registration
    1. All voters must be registered with USA Judo.

    2. The requirements for registration for each category are published on the USA Judo 2018 Election web page and found in the Bylaws, which can be found on the USA Judo Governance web page.

    3. Registration forms will be checked against USA Judo records for factual accuracy by USA Judo Staff. Any apparent factual errors or discrepancies between the registration form and USA Judo records will be reported by USA Judo Staff to the Nominating Committee Chair for resolution. No decisions concerning acceptance or rejection of a registration will be taken by USA Judo Staff.

    4. Lists of registered voters, by category, will be published on the USA Judo 2018 Election web page, in accordance with the published 2018 Nominating and Election Procedures and Timeline.

    5. After publication, there will be a short period allowed for correction of reported errors. This will be announced with the publication of the voter registration lists.

    6. The final registered voter lists, by category, will be furnished to the third-party administrator and published on the USA Judo 2018 Election web page.
  • Election Balloting
    1. Names of all Nominees accepted by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Bylaws and published 2018 Election Procedures and Timeline will be published on the USA Judo 2018 Election web page.

    2. Election of USA Judo Directors will be by secret ballot. Each registered voter will receive an e-mail with a url link to their private ballot, sent by the third-party administrator.

    3. After completing the electronic ballot, voters will submit the ballot exclusively to the third-party ballot administrator, by clicking a "Submit" button. USA Judo Staff, the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee will not see any individual ballots nor receive any reports which name individual voters. The ballot will record the voter's candidate selection, the date and time the ballot was started and completed, the IP address of the submitting party and the type of device from which it was submitted. Abandoned ballot data will also be recorded.

    4. Voters will only be allowed to submit a ballot once.

    5. The third-party administrator will provide a Ballot Report to the Nominating Committee listing the number of votes received by each candidate for each open seat on the Board. Other aggregate statistics will also be provided in the report. No individual voter names or data will be reported to the USA Judo Nominating Committee, Staff or Board.

    6. The Nominating Committee will receive this Ballot Report and, for each open seat, declare the candidate with the most votes elected.

    7. The Ballot Report and Election Results (elected candidates) will be published on the USA Judo website.

Please report any issues, concerns or questions regarding the 2018 Election to my attention at

Pete Catlos
Chair, USA Judo Nominating Committee