USA Judo is working towards raising funds to be used for our athletes to achieve their dreams of medals in international competitions including the World Championships, the Olympic Games and many other prestigious events. Our athletes represent our sport and create lasting role models for our children and our youth. We know that every dollar helps to pave the way for our current programs and our future Olympians. Please join us by supporting USA Judo and make a donation today!



A donation to the elite programs ensures support for our athletes that represent the United States at events such as the World Championships, the Olympic Games and multiple International Judo Federation events around the world.  Your donation helps us to achieve gold medals at these events. 
 Donations to the general donation fund ensures that USA Judo has the operational support necessary to conduct daily operations for the organization as well as administer several programs that benefit our membership.
Donations to the Masters program assist USA Judo with continuing to build competition opportunities and programs that keep our Masters members engaged in the sport of judo.

Dollars donated to the Paralympic program help to ensure that our visually impaired athletes have the optimal opportunities to train and compete both nationally and internationally.

Contributions to our youth program ensure that our up and coming juniors are able to attend international competitions and training camps as well as have the opportunity to participate in meaningful training and competition on home soil. Some of America’s most elite athletes have benefited from past participation in USA Judo’s Youth Programs.
A donation to the endowment fund ensures that USA Judo will continue to thrive for years to come.  A long term investment for USA Judo that paves the way for sustainability