In an effort to grow judo in the United States, USA Judo encourages its clubs to offer “Try Judo for Free” promotions for the following three times per year:

  1. President’s Day Weekend (February 17-19)
  2. Olympic Day (June 23-24)
  3. World Judo Day (October 27-28)

Please feel free to extend the duration of your “Try Judo for Free” promotion to the weekend before or after with the week in-between to attract more participants. The goal of this initiative is three-fold:

  1. Introduce your local community to the sport of judo
  2. Gain publicity for your dojo and the sport
  3. Bring people into your dojo and on the mat to try judo for the first time and hopefully convert them into a member of your club

This is a great opportunity for judo lovers to share experiences and promote the sport in their community through activities such as demonstrations, inter-club training sessions, and ‘taster’ sessions. This is also a great way for local judo clubs to market their dojo and increase members.

In the Judo spirit, we ask that all USA Judo Clubs publicize this activity with their local media outlets and welcome their community during these key timeframes to explore the sport of judo without any associated fees. Please encourage your athletes to invite a friend to judo class and give others the opportunity try the sport we love.

The more clubs that participate, the more we can promote the sport of judo across the country and create brand and event awareness.

For more information or to sign up to participate as a club, contact Corinne Shigemoto at Corinne.Shigemoto@usajudo.us or 719-201-6176.