USA Judo



Name of Club: First Baptist Harrach Judo Team

Location of Club: 2185 N. Church St.   Harrah, Oklahoma 73045

Contact Info: Tim Davis, 405.388.1755

Head Instructor: Tim Davis, 4th Dan
Competition Instructor: Ed Lynch, 4th Dan
Instructor: Austin Daugherty, 1st degree Brown Belt
Student Instructor: Raylee Eskue, 3rd degree Brown Belt


History / Background of Club:

With a handshake agreement between Tim and Pastor Doug, FBC Judo Harrah was started in December of 2012 in a small room above the church gym with 7 students. The judo class was not only to teach judo but also to bring God into the students' lives. With the continued support of the First Baptiist Church of Harrah, the club continued to thrive in the town of about 8000. Today, FBC Harrah Judo consists of 40 plus members. FBC Harrah Judo Team not only hosts a tournament locally, they travel once, sometimes twice, a month to larger regional events - winning 3rd Place Team in the Oklahoma State Championships out of 13 teams - as well and many national events often travelling large distances to attend. Each event draws the team closer for not only judo but for dedication to God. It has been said that FBC Harrah Judo Team is the "praying team" as they incorporate the love of God and judo together. Through adversity and faith the club is still going strong and feel that they are a very blessed team.


Programs Available:

Recreational Judo:
As a church-base outreach program, FBC Judo focuses on community and learning. The class is open to kids ages 5 years old and up with any skill-level. Athletes learn many values of self-confidence, coordination, respect and discipline.


Competitive Judo:
Recreational judo is just that - recreational. As the skill levels of the judoka advance, so do the opportunities of learning. As Sensei Davis and other instructors evaluate the students, they move to the Competitive Judo squad and learn more advanced techniques and aspects with respect to the competitive nature of judo.


Led by Tim Davis, FBC Harrah Judo offers a 1-1/2 hour class at no charge for all male and female youth scouting programs to help the young adults achieve physical fitness and awareness badges.