USA Judo



Name of Club: West Central IL Judo (WCIJ)

Location of Club: Mapleton, IL

Contact Info: 309-697-2929

Owners / Coaches: George Weers, Mitch Williams, Blaine Duhs, Stefan Habsburg, Joe Taylor


History/Background of Club:

WCI Judo is the only USA Judo certified club in the Peoria area. Head coach George Weers has trained at the US Olympic Training Center, National Judo Institute and countless US dojos as well as training in the National Judo Centers of Thailand and Russia. George has produced multiple national and international level judo players. Along with Coach Weers, our team of coaches and black belts are passionate about sharing judo with our community.


Programs Available:


Judo Basics:

Whether you are looking to be competitive in judo, interested in learning about the sport or simply wanting to get in shape, our Judo Basics class is for you. All ages and skill levels are welcomed. No need to have a gi (Judo uniform) for your first class. Simply come check us out and learn more about Judo.


Competition Training:

Our morning classes are designed specifically for those interested in competing in Judo. Mostly randori (sparing), these classes are favorites of our brown and black belts. These classes are also great for those in the law enforcement and military. A rougher training session, these classes will push you to the limit.


Kids Judo:

Kids classes take place during our Judo Basics classes. Kids Judo is tailored to not only teach the sport of Judo, but also physical awareness and respect for others. With many opportunities to compete locally and nationally, Judo is a great sport for families to get involved in. Parents are encouraged to learn the rule set of competitive Judo and join the team as we travel for tournaments. Whether your child is looking for a competitive sport or simply for a way to burn off energy, our Kids Judo class is the place for you and your child.