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Club Name: Fort Worth Judo Club

Location: 5302 Trail Lake Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76133

Contact Info: (817) 207-9500 |



Judo came to Fort Worth in the mid 1950’s when it was first introduced at Texas Christian University by Mitsuharu “Bill” Nagase. Sensei Nagase was one of the first Judokas in Texas and is considered to be the “Father of Texas Judo”.


Satura “Sam” Numijiri followed Sensei Nagase at TCU and expanded in 1956 to the downtown Fort Worth YMCA. Sensei Numijiri named the new dojo “Fort Worth Judo Club”. Sensei Numijiri expanded the Fort Worth Judo Club into several venues including the City of Fort Worth recreation centers; Thomas Place, Riverside, Southwest, Sycamore and the Dan Danciger Jewish Community Center.


Roger Jackson took over for Sensei Numijiri in 1981 and served as President of the club until 2000.  It quickly became known as the “Toughest Judo club in Texas”. Olympians and world level competitor were regulars at the club.


In 2000 Roger Jackson stepped down and Tommy Dyer took over the duties as President.  In his competitive days, Tommy was a member of USA Judo's National team and notably lived and trained in Japan for 2.5 years. Tommy is also past Director of Development for USA Judo. In 2005 Ray Hosokawa became the President of Fort Worth Judo Club. Tommy holds the title of head instructor.


Fort Worth Judo club has taught judo to thousands of children and adults over the last 60 years.  The club produced its first homegrown Olympian in 2004 when Nikki Kubes made the Athens Olympic Team.  The club is currently home to 2x Olympian Nick Delpopolo as he is training to make his third Olympic team in 2020 and along with Eastside Dojo is also co-home to many other elite Senior USA Judo athletes including Lauren DeSmidt, Grant Johnson and Daylon Shelton. The club has a crop of homegrown Juniors coming up including Ben and Elizabeth Dyer, Lawson Jackson, Valeshka Quiroz, Katie Hrubes and many more.


There are over a dozen black belts involved in the instruction and direction of the club. None of the instructors are compensated for their teaching. All the money Fort Worth Judo takes in goes back to the club.


At Fort Worth Judo, we are committed to passing on the knowledge and principals of Judo to all who want to learn. We want to continue the legacy that was started many years ago. We will continue to build champions on the mat and champions in life.




Tommy Dyer – FWJC Head Coach, 7th Dan

Ray Hosokawa – President of Fort Worth Judo Club, 5th Dan

Roger J. – FWJC Coach, 5th Dan

Ralph L. – FWJC Coach, 4th Dan

Ian Salavon – FWJC Coach, 3rd Dan

Matt Jackson – FWJC Coach, 3rd Dan

Sara J. – FWJC Coach, 3rd Dan

Jeremy – FWJC Coach, 3rd Dan

Patrice N. – FWJC Coach, 1st Dan

Fiston – FWJC Coach, 1st Dan



Programs Available:

Beginners Class:

Safety is of upmost importance. All activities are centered on the child's safety and well being. Students will start with basic tumbling skills. Summersaults, backwards rolls and falling drills. They will learn to participate in a group environment. Try new skills and push the envelope to new heights.


Intermediate Class:

Students will develop and learn specific Judo skills building Judo knowledge. Learn the 3 basic principles of throwing (Kuzushi, Tsukuri, Kake). To complete a Judo throw all 3 parts must come together. Not that easy but with training and determination you will be successful.


Advanced Class:

In the advance class the students will build on their abilities and continue to perfect their Judo skills. They will learn to practically apply Judo techniques in a tournament setting. Our main focus is on Olympic Judo, This is where you learn tournament rules, strategy and skills. Where all your acquired skills are put to the test.