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Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy
Tigard, Oregon

Founded in the spring of 1979 by Grandmaster James R. Garrison, Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy has been offering martial arts classes for juniors and adults for more than 37 years, continuing a long history of passing on the kind of tradition that takes several lifetimes to acquire. Our Head Instructor, Mr. Michael Martyn began his training at Pacific Rim in 1981 and spent more than 30 years as Mr. Garrison’s direct student.  In 2012, Mr. Garrison presented Mr. Martyn with a katana and wakizashi from the Edo Period to signify the passing of the school and Pacific Rim’s tradition and heritage.  This change in leadership was completed in 2014 when Mr. Garrison retired from active teaching at the school and Mr. Martyn assumed full-time responsibility for the dojo.

Pacific Rim is in the unique position to blend Asian cultures in a way that provides students opportunities to train in a variety of martial arts.  Since its founding, Pacific Rim has been host to martial arts masters from both Japan and Korea.  As the oldest martial arts academy in Oregon, Pacific Rim is considered to be the most complete training environment for students wanting to learn the traditions and benefits of traditional martial arts training.

Pacific Rim passes on an internal value system of courtesy, respect, personal integrity, dedication, and internal fortitude to its students because that is the way the arts have been taught for the past six decades.

The instructors are:
Michael Martyn (6th Dan)
Bryan Basinger (6th Dan)
Greg Lekas (5th Dan)
Jeffrey Scipio (4th Dan)
Leon Aliski (1st Dan)
Kari Hart (1st Dan)
Philip Lam (1st Dan)
Danny Vu (1st Dan)
Andrew Vu (1st Dan)
Eric Lam (1st Dan)

For contact information or class schedules please visit their website at:

Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy