International Day of the Girl

USA Judo kicks off its “Celebrating Women in Judo” campaign with the following videos on International Day of the Girl. Our thanks to all these female judokas who shared their videos and the positive impact that Judo has made in their lives and their sentiments about Rena “Rusty” Kanokogi who fought for the inclusion of women in Judo. Please share these powerful stories with other women who may be looking for something like Judo to boost their self-confidence, strength, physical fitness and more.  Enjoy!



As part of our “Celebration of Women in Judo” campaign in October and November of this year, USA Judo is requesting that female judokas send in videos describing how judo has helped them in their lives and what they would say to Rena “Rusty” Kanokogi for being a pioneer in women’s judo or any other female judoka role models they have. Click the link to view the instructions on how to submit your video.


You will be required to sign into a Gmail account to upload your submission


All videos must be submitted by Friday, October 9th so we can upload the videos to our website for International Day of the Girl by October 11th. Please direct any questions to