USA Judo Masters

Dear Masters-

It is the start of another year and one that I hope sees the Masters program continuing to grow and strengthen.  One way I hope for this growth to start is by a seemingly simple step—transitioning the name from Masters to Veterans.  The purpose behind this transition is so that our name would then match most other countries and the IJF.  It seems to be a small step, but it is an important one.  We are also going to implement a revised point system for the national roster. The IJF World Veterans Championships will have a higher point value and points will be given for 5th place. Since the IJF is increasing the number of International Masters/Veterans events points will be awarded for these events. A complete breakdown of the point’s criteria can be found in the Masters/Veterans section on the USA Judo website.

Another new bit of news, we have added a new committee member—Jeremy Williams from Texas.  This is exciting as he has a background in non-profit fundraising and has offered his expertise in helping raise money for the Masters (Veterans) Program.  I am still looking for someone to represent the western part of the country on the committee, so if anyone is interested or knows anyone who is interested, please contact me.  As it stands, the committee is comprised of Joe Ragan (NJ), Walter Sapp (FL), Doug Tono (IL), Michael Tusay (NJ) and Jeremy Williams (TX).

As we on the committee start planning this coming year, we have a lot of opportunities to compete in national and international tournaments.  Nationally, USA Judo is hosting the USA Judo Nationals May 2nd & 3rd   and the Presidents Cup November 22nd, both in Dallas, Texas.  Also this year, the National Senior Games (NSG) has selected judo as a demonstration sport at this Post Cereal sponsored, multi-sport event.  Eligible athletes are those who are aged 50 years or older.  The event will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the judo portion of the event is July 3-4 with registration, weigh-in, and a celebration of athletes on Friday, July 3rd and the competition on July 4th.   We would like to have a big turnout at the event so that the NSG will continue to include judo.  For more information about this national event, please visit  Please note that those who place and are members of USA Judo will receive points towards the national roster.

As previously mentioned, we have several upcoming international events this year as well.  Most notably, the IJF World Championships are going to be held in the Netherlands in the fall with a currently undisclosed location and date.  Gauging by last year’s IJF Championships held in Spain, we can look forward to a well-run event and a growing number of participants each year as the championships grow.  For the other international events, please visit the IJF Veterans website ( ) where you will find multiple international events that you could attend.  If you need any help finding the information, please contact me.

As you can see, we have many upcoming events that we can participate in.  In order to be ready, we need to start training.  If you are anything like me, you are limited in training partners in your home clubs and must visit other clubs to adequately prepare for tournaments.  In the Midwest, Tohkon Judo is hosting a series of camps to get ready for the national competitions.  The camps are three, three day camps held on February 26-28, March 19-21, and April 9-11.  Tohkon Judo, run by board member Doug Tono, holds intense training sessions with plenty of randori and opportunities to build camaraderie amongst judoka.  For more information on these free training camps, please visit  If any of you know of other camps geared towards Masters/Veterans, please let us know so that we can get the information out there!

Brad Daniels

Chairman USA Judo Masters/Veterans Committee

Brad Daniels, Chair
Joe Ragan          
Walter Sapp      
Doug Tono         
Mike Tusay        
Jeremy Williams