Point Roster Criteria

  • Points will be awarded by age/weight divisions.
  • Points earned at a particular event are current for a maximum of one year, or on the anniversary date of that event (if a regularly scheduled annual event) if its anniversary occurs in less than a year.
  • As a clarification, please note that athletes who place fourth in a round robin division will receive third place points on the roster as long as the athlete wins at least one match.
  • In order to receive ranking on the USA Judo Master National Roster, an athlete must be eligible to represent the United States in Olympic or World Championship competition.
  • Points will be awarded for uncontested divisions
  • If divisions are combined due to uncontested divisions, points will only be awarded to the uncontested division (true weight/age category).

Point Summary:

2023 USA Judo Veterans Point Event Matrix (as of 1/13/2023)
 LEVEL 1 1st 2nd 3rd 5th
IJF World Veterans Championships (WC) 20 12 8 4
 LEVEL 2 1st 2nd 3rd 5th
PJC Veterans Championships (PJC) 15 9 6 3
 LEVEL 3 1st 2nd 3rd 5th
USA Judo National Championships/ Veterans Division (USN) 10 6 4  
USA Judo Presidents Cup/ Veterans Division (PRZ) 10 6 4  
US Open - Veterans Division (USO) 10 6 4  
 LEVEL 4 1st 2nd 3rd 5th
USA Judo Approved International Veterans Tournaments 5 3 2  
Veterans Open Texas (VOT) 5 3 2  
 LEVEL 5 1st 2nd 3rd 5th
Florida Open (FLO) 3 2 1  
Garden State Judo Classic (GSC) 3 2 1  
North American Judo Championships (NAC) 3 2 1  
Northeastern (NEC) 3 2 1  
Summer Slam (SLM) 3 2 1  


Veteran Athletes on the point roster will be acknowledged by:

  • Mention in Veterans Newsletter and/or any publication by USA Judo
  • Point roster posted and maintained on USA Judo website
  • One male and one female “Most Outstanding Veteran Athlete of the Year” award to be given during USA Judo Senior National Championships (for the prior year).  These athletes will be voted by the Committee.
  • The Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year athlete will be profiled on the USA Judo website.