USA Judo Point Roster Criteria - click to read:  USA Judo Point Roster Criteria

For each of the Male and Female Senior Rosters, and for each separate weight, athletes are ranked first by Alphabetic level, which denotes the highest National/International level at which active points were earned, then by total points earned. Where possible, ties are broken by board-approved tie-breaking procedures. In event the tie-breaking procedure fails, a determination will be made by the High Performance Committee of USA Judo.

The classifications and points listed on this roster are subject to official verification. Suspected errors should be brought to the attention of Mr. Jim Hrbek at

Clarification to Classification Procedures: Points and classification earned in an event expire on the anniversary date of that event, or at the completion of one year, whichever is shorter.

Points earned at Senior Nationals and at President's Cup expire at the next year's event, but in no case, will these points remain for longer than 13 months. Click Here for a description of the Senior Point System.