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Attention Elite Team Roster athletes,

It is that time again to submit your event selections for events happening July 1- December 31, 2021.

When making selections, athletes must keep in mind the international tournament criteria:

Athletes must meet one of the following criteria to qualify to participate in the following international competitions.

  • Athletes must be a current USA Judo member in good standing and must also meet one of the following criteria to qualify to participate in the following International competitions:
    • Continental Opens

    • Grand Prix or Grand Slam
      • Finished in top 5 at a Continental Open in the past 4 years
      • or
      • Must have been a member of the Senior World Team or Senior Pan American Team in the past 2 years
      • or
      • Finished top 5 in one of the past two Junior World Championships
      • or
      • Finished top 7 or higher in a Grand Prix or Grand Slam in the past 4 years

Awarding of spots for event selections (see example of event selection submission form below):

  • Selections for teams for the Grand Prixs and Grand Slams will be awarded in descending order (#1 selection, #2 selection, etc.) starting with the athletes who are ranked highest on the WRL as of August 1, 2021.

  • It is important that athletes select the Grand Prixs and/or Grand Slams they are most interested in attending as their #1 selection, then the second most wanted event as their #2 selection, and so on. This will give athletes a better chance at being awarded the events they are most interested in attending.

  • Below is the explained process of how event selections will be awarded:
    • Round 1 - In the first round of event selections awarded, those who are ranked #1 on the WRL in their weight division will be given their top 3 choices for Grand Prixs and Grand Slams. Those ranked #2 in their WRL weight division will be given their top 2 choices. Finally, those who are ranked #3 in their weight division and beyond, in descending order (i.e. #3, 4, 5, etc.), will be given their first choice out of the Grand Prix and/or Grand Slam events they’ve asked to attend that still have an open spot available.

    • Round 2 - Once the first round of event selections are awarded (meaning the #1 ranked athletes in each division got their top 3 Grand Prix/Grand Slam selections, the #2 ranked athletes got their top 2 Grand Prix/Grand Slam selections, #3, #4, #5, etc. ranked athletes got awarded their first available Grand Prix/Grand Slam selection), then the second round of awarding selections begins. Starting from the top of the WRL (athlete ranked #1 and so on) in each weight division, USA Judo awards the next one (1) Grand Prix or Grand Slam event that comes up in order on each athlete's selections list that is still available after Round 1 selections have been awarded.

    • Round 3 - etc. - The following rounds of awarding event selections (round 3, 4, 5, etc.) will work the same way as round two (2) until all Grand Prix and Grand Slam available spots have been awarded.

    • Final Round - As Continental Open events do not have the "two athletes per weight division limit" like Grand Prixs and Grand Slams do, every athlete is awarded all of the Continental Opens that they submit selections for in the final round of event selections that are awarded. It is important for athletes to include all of the continental opens they are interested in attending at the end of their event selections list as this will ensure that the athletes receive team email communications on those continental opens once the information packets are posted by the IJF.

  • It is likely that each athlete will not get awarded every Grand Prix or Grand Slam that they submit selections for. The above process gives a fair opportunity to attend Grand Prixs and/or Grand Slams to all athletes who have met the criteria to attend Grand Prixs and Grand Slams.
    • Even if the two available slots are already filled in a particular weight division for Grand Prixs and Grand Slams, athletes may still have the opportunity to request to fill in a spot that has become open before an event deadline. Please follow the steps under "Open Spots Procedure - Grand Prixs and Grand Slams" below.

  • It is important that athletes list all possible events they are interested in attending for the July 1 – December 31, 2021 time period as these event selections will give USA Judo the list of athletes to send further information and deadlines to for each event.

  • For spots that were never filled for any particular Grand Prix or Grand Slam, also follow the procedure for open spots below.

2021 Selection Form Jul-Dec

Open Spots Procedure - Grand Prixs and Grand Slams:

  • Athletes must meet the above international tournament criteria for the respective event they send in requests to fill open spots for.

  • It will be the responsibility of each athlete to check the posted event rosters and deadlines for each tournament periodically HERE in case a spot opens up on one of the Grand Prix or Grand Slam event rosters.
  • Athletes must submit their request(s) to fill in an open spot by the specific deadline posted for each tournament.

  • USA Judo will evaluate athletes who have submitted requests via email to Alex ( to fill in any open spots and determine who is ranked higher on the WRL on that deadline day (each event will have a different deadline posted) in order to select who will fill the open spot(s).

  • If an empty spot becomes available after the posted "request to fill open spots deadline" for any given event (due to reasons like late drop outs, injuries, etc.), USA Judo will be unable to fill anyone in for that spot as we have to meet submission deadlines for hotels, transportation, payment, etc. as posted by the organizing committee for each event.


Event selection requests for July 1 – December 31, 2021 can be submitted from August 12-26, 2021 by clicking the button below.

  1. September 18-19 – European Open – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  2. September 24-26 – Grand Prix – Zagreb, Croatia

  3. October 16-17 – Grand Slam – Paris, France

  4. October 23-24 – European Open – Malaga, Spain

  5. November 5-7 – Grand Slam – Baku, Azerbaijan

  6. November 6-7 – African Open – Yaounde, Africa (IJF addition: 8/25/2021)

  7. November 13-14 – African Open – Dakar, Africa (IJF addition: 8/25/2021)

Based on the event selections athletes submit by end of day on August 26, 2021, there will be specific deadlines for each event (posted at the same location as the event rosters HERE) by which athletes will have to confirm their hotel check in/check out dates, room type and requested roommate or they will be removed from that event roster.

Final event rosters based on the awarded selections for each event will be posted HERE by end of day Monday, August 30, 2021.

As always, reach out to Alex Bates ( o: 719-330-6378) with any questions.