2019 Cadet Pan American Team Criteria

In the year 2019 there will be Pan American Continental Championships held for Cadets age groups in Cali, Colombia.

The age divisions for 2019 include birth years 2002-2004 for the Cadet category’s, each of which will compete at the 2019 Junior & Cadet Pan American Championships.

The contested weights for Cadets will be: Girls 40, 44, 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, + 70kg and Boys 50, 55, 60, 66, 73, 81, 90 and +90kg.

The 2019 Junior Pan American Championships will be held on July 19th - 20th, 2019 in Cali, Colombia. As of January 6, 2019, USA Judo has not received the PJC technical package for the Pan American Junior and Cadet Championships.


USA Judo will announce at the end of the day on March 10, 2019, the Gold medalist athletes in each division at the 2019 Youth Nationals will be invited to represent USA Judo at the 2019 Cadet Pan American Championships.

This will be the sequence that will identify the members of the 2019 Junior Cadet Sub 18 Pan American Team:

The Cadet Gold Medalist from the 2019 Youth Nationals will be invited to participate. The winners of each weight division in the Cadet category at the 2019 Youth Nationals will become the 2019 Cadet Pan American team members. The silver medalists will become the Alternates. In the event that there is need to replace beyond the Alternates, the highest ranked person on the USA Judo National Cadet roster, who competed in the 2019 Youth National Championships, as of the close of the Trials, will be next in line, then the next person, and so on.


The International Judo Federation(IJF) MAY provide that each country gets only one entry per age and weight division BUT, the MAY BE permitted TWO male and TWO female wild-card spots. This means that two additional athletes of each gender can be added - but in no case can any country have more than two athletes in a division.

Athletes who are not both in the same weight division, and sho have the highest individual point totals on the USA Judo National Cadet roster that is fully updated and in effect through the results of the 2019 Youth Nationals, will be offered the Wild Card spots. Only those athletes who competed at the USA Judo Youth Nationals will be considered.

In the case of declinations, the spots will be offered, in order, to the eligible individuals who own the highest point totals in their individual division. (NOTE: It is not possible to combine points from multiple divisions).


In order to be eligible for the 2019 Sub 18 Cadet Pan American Judo Team, you must have been born 2002-2004, you must be a United States citizen, you must be a member of USA Judo, and if you are a recent citizen or hold dual citizenship, you must have secured the necessary approvals to be eligible to represent the United States Internationally. All Team Members must have participated in the 2019 USA Judo Youth Nationals in the division that they wish to represent at the 2019 Pan American Championships.


The Gold Medalist from the 2019 USA Judo Youth Nationals are awarded the 1st slot on the Pan American Cadet Team. The silver medalists will become the Alternates. In the event one or more of the highest ranked individuals decline, then the selection sequence will move down the roster as of close of the 2019 Youth Nationals until the spot can be filled. The wild card players will be determined by the two male and female players with the highest points on USA Judo National elite point roster at the end of the 2019 Youth Nationals.